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Layers of Botswana

This was taken on Nat Hab's Epic Botswana and Namibia Safari...
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Dancing Bears

Majestic polar bears sparring while they wait for the Hudson Bay...
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Critical Crossing

As hunters seek elk at the dawn's first light, the wary...
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Coming in For a Landing

A blue footed booby coming in for a landing in the...
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Carmine bee eaters calling to each other in Botswana....
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Flying Fish Reflection

We were traveling between St. Helena and Ascension Islands near the mid-Atlantic...
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Who Are You Looking At?

This image capture is of the elusive Kirk's Dik-Dik. It is...
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Red Fox Walking

A red fox walks along the road in Delaware, United States....
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Swimming with Sea Turtles

One of the many sea turtles we encountered while snorkeling with...
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How Do I Get Down?

While returning from an early morning hot air balloon ride, we...
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Cleared for Takeoff

While cruising in the Okavango Delta of Botswana with Nat Hab, we...
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In the Berry Patch

Black bear sow with two of her cubs in a berry...
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Kaibab Squirrel

The distinctive Kaibab squirrel lives only on the Kaibab plateau and...
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Three giraffes out for a stroll in a lake in Tanzania....
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Red-Eyed Leaf Frog

This image was taken during a night walk in Costa Rica...
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Chatfield Hummingbird

We were hiking through the little known Chatfield Botanical Garden. In...
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Assateague Island Family

In May 2014 I went camping on Assateague Island (Maryland side)....
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My Birthday Lion

This is a photo I took on my birthday in 2012...
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The Polar Bear

Amazing travels with Natural Habitat Adventures to Churchill, Canada to see...
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Little Bee Eater with Bee

While on safari in Botswana with Nat Hab, I spotted this little...
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