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The Perfect Pounce

Despite bitterly cold temperatures, this juvenile female fox, playfully pounced on...
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Kalahari Lions

It was late afternoon in the Kalahari when we stopped in...
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How Can You Do That?

We were sitting on the beach and this baby fur seal...
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Zebra grazing all around us in Tanzania. These three lined up to...
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Taking Off

Monarch butterfly in flight at the Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary.  This photo...
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On the Alert...

Female pronghorn antelope on the alert for any predators, while grazing...
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Ladies Day Swimming

This was taken during the start of rut season. It was...
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His Northern Royal Albatross

In Kaikoura, New Zealand I enjoyed the close encounters with the...
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Talk or Fly

These two sand hill cranes are typical of the thousands that...
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Bobcat having a relaxing afternoon checking out his surrounding area....
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A Special Moment

The moment captured with mom and cub speaks for itself. The...
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This One is Mine, Catch Your Own!

Brown bear in Geographic Harbor in Katmai National Park. To reach...
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Wonder Woman

A mule deer doe clears the pasture fence with ease. Visit...
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The Lion King

At sunrise in Botswana, a lion is facing a herd of...
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Stopping By

The group had traveled to Tanjiahe Wild Panda Nature Reserve. We...
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Brown Pelican Portrait

A brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) sits perched upright against a clear...
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Snow, Anyone?

A bison facing the obstacles of winter to forage for food in...
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Baboon Enjoying Sunset

As the sun sets over the Serengeti, a baboon takes a...
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Giraffe's Salad

Kenya's Hell's Gate National Park in the Great Rift Valley is...
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Struggle in the Snow

The struggle of the snow to reach food and safety....
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