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Not Yet Extinct

The black rhinoceros is critically endangered with estimates ranging from 2,500...
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Golden Monkey

This photo of a golden monkey was taken while trekking in...
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On the March

We spent most of one morning game drive with these cubs...
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We were on a trip to South Georgia, Antarctica, where the weather...
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I had the chance to see dozens of hornbills on my...
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Pensive Mountain Gorilla

A mountain gorilla of the Nkuringo group takes a break from...
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Catch Of the Day

Just after diving into the water the osprey flew over carrying...
white crowned sparrow, white crowned sparrow photos, sparrows, birds in the US, birds in Nebraska

King of the Bush

The white crowned sparrow is king of the bush....
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Line Dance

I was in Namibia and hanging out in my cabin during...
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Stand Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Hiking at Edith Cavell in Australia, we came across this beautiful...
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Morning Rhino

In August 2014 I took the trip of a lifetime to...
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This young male lion in Botswana was concentrated on a buffalo...
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Mother & cub sharing salmon. This photo was taken on a...
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Back Off!

A group of zebras, known as a zeal or a dazzle,...
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Cottonmouth and Visiting Lubber

A lubber was approaching a resting cottonmouth, as it started to...
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Pica pauses for his portrait on a rock.  The pika is...
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African Elephant

While on a game drive in Botswana, our fabulous Nat Hab...
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This yearling cub had been in the river with his mom,...
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Born Free

In a high plains pocket of rolling hills sparsely covered with...
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Drinking Before Crossing

A herd of wildebeest drinking from an eddy in the Mara...
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