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Chimpanzee Busy Human-Watching

After chimp trekking in Uganda for hours, with them high in the...
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This Doesn't Look Comfortable

While on safari in Botswana, this leopard slept while dangling in...
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Where Oh Where Are the Hens?

The greater prairie chicken used to be a common sight in...
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Watching the World Go By

We were exploring the Ord River in Australia by speed boat....
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Nap Time

The sub-adult male polar bear was hanging around the Tundra Lodge...
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American Avocet

I was just in this park this morning as the avocets...
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This photo of a cheetah was taken in South Africa. We...
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Egret Breakfast Banquet

A snowy egret fishes for breakfast at the Mitchell Lake Audubon...
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Baby Elephant Photobomb

Took this photo in southern Africa. What a sweet little baby...
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Get Out of My House

An angry bison making sure this coyote does not bother anyone...
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Take Off!

With a look of determination, a sandhill crane takes off at...
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Reddish Dawn

I arrived at Bunche Beach Preserve a bit before sunrise and...
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Green is My Favorite Color

Riding down the slow moving river in Costa Rica, we saw...
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I Am the Wind, Let Me Fly Free

This beautiful sacred kingfisher, living with million dollar views of the...
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The Brothers

These brothers prowling the Serengeti show their beauty with the breeze...
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This hungry pelican was busy gulping down a fish dinner. Can you...
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A Green Branch

Visiting a village in Laos, on the border with Thailand, on...
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A Mud Bath at Sunset

It was a very dry month in Kenya with a scarce...
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Flower Piercer

On the last morning of the trip to Costa Rica with...
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Looking for Dinner

Looking for dinner along the bank of the Madison River in...
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