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On safari in the Serengeti National Park, I waited to capture...
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Just Posing for the Photographer

While walking along Ogden Point in Victoria I was photographing flowers...
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Cat Up a Tree

While following a pride of four lions near Tubu Tree Camp...
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A marmot scratches himself in the morning sun on Mount Evans. Visit...
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Patiently Waiting for Ice to Thicken

This was taken from a Polar Rover during a photo tour...
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Northward Migration

A gray whale mother glides beneath her calf as they make...
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You Look That Way, I'll Look This Way

This image is of 9-11 week-old cheetah cubs learning and playing....
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Snack Time

I was out looking to photograph some wildlife and found fresh...
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Jumping for Joy

We were at sea during a trip to Australia's Kimberly region....
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Beautiful Bird

This picture was taken on safari with Nat Hab in Tanzania....
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I took picture on 1 November 2014 while on safari in Mapungubwe...
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On the Lookout for Mother

The cheetah is my most favorite animal, probably because of their...
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Sandhill Crane at Sunset

Taken at sunset, a sandhill crane stands in the last pool...
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The Blue and the Grey

We stopped at Danaus Nature Center. While the guide was paying...
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Sleepy Bear

This polar bear decided to take a nap near the Nat...
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The Lone Lion

Sam, one of the dominant males at Kenya's Nairobi National Park, sits alone...
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A redwinged blackbird looks toward the sun as if it was...
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Just Another Bug Shot

I started my photography career photographing insects during my university days...
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When Elephants Relax

Our afternoon game drive was full of photo ops—a charging elephant,...
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Mother & Daughter

Two cheetahs, a mother and daughter, relax on a rock in the...
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