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Seal, Seals, Crabeater Seal, Crabeater Seals, Images of Seals, Crabeater Seal Photos

Lazy Day

Crabeater seal lounging on the ice. This image was taken on...
Bison, American Bison, Montana, Photos of Bison, Bison Images

Guarding Old Faithful

Pasture of bison beside Old Faithful In Yellowstone National Park....
Polar Bear, Bears, Churchill, Polar Bears, Canada, Images of Polar Bears, Polar Bear Photos

Churchill Polar Bear

We came upon this polar bear digging for kelp. The shadows...
White Footed Fox, Fox, Foxes, India, Images of Foxes, White Footed Fox Photos

Hardcore Desert Dweller

The white-footed fox (Vulpes vulpes pusilla), also known as the desert...
Bee Eaters, Bee Eater, Dragonfly, Birding, Botswana, Photos of Bee Eaters, Bee Eater Images

Love Birds? No, Bee-Eaters

It appeared that maybe these are "love birds" ready to enjoy...
Crocodile, Crocodiles, Costa Rica, Images of Crocodiles, Crocodile Photos

Swim Anyone?

It was really incredible and a little unnerving to see this...
Tanager, Tanagers, Birding, Florida, Images of Tanagers, Tanager Photos

Summer Tanager Singing Away!

I heard this summer tanager before I saw him, as he...
Beaver, Beavers, American Beaver, Wyoming, Images of Beavers, Beaver Photos

American Beaver

American beaver tail slap. Check out Greg's website for more of...
Lions, Lion, Africa Cats, Tanzania, Images of Lions, Lion Photos

Lion Pair Conflict

Female lion wanted to mate and the male did not. After about...
Squirrel, Squirrels, Malabar Giant Squirrel, India, Images of Malabar Giant Squirrels, Malabar Giant Squirrel Photos

Peeking Out

A Malabar giant squirrel checking if the coast is clear. These...
Praying Mantis, Mantis, Images of Praying Mantis, Praying Mantis Photos, Los Angeles,


This little guy has been hanging out on my porch in...
Trumpeter Swans, Swan, Swans, Common Merganzer, Minnesota, Trumpeter Swan, Birding, Swan photos, Images of Trumpeter Swans


Swans taking a nap in the background. Common merganser swimming by...
Stork, Storks, Saddle-Billed Stork, Saddle-Billed Storks, Images of Storks, Saddle-Billed Stork Photos, Birding

Lunch Time

It was easy pickings for this stork, grabbing fish for his...
Spider Monkey, Monkey, Spider Monkeys, Monkey photos, Images of Spider Monkeys, Peru

Are You Looking at Me?

The spider monkey is prevalent in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, and...
Giraffes, Giraffe, South Africa, Images of Giraffes, Giraffe Photos

Giraffe on Safari

This photo was shot from a safari vehicle while on safari in...
Marlin, Sardines, Baja California, Images of Marlin, Marlin Photos

Marlin Hunting Sardines

A marlin chasing sardines that form bait balls off the Pacific...
Red-Collared Widowbird, Widowbird, Birding, Ethiopia, Widowbirds

Ready for Take-off

We spent the morning visiting churches in Lalibela. I was ready...
Crocodile, Crocodiles, India,

Ocean Eyes

I was always into photography but have used my mobile phone...
Rhinos, White Rhinos, African White Rhinos, Rhino, White Rhino, Zambia, Images of White Rhinos, White Rhino Photos

African White Rhinos at Dusk

I was on an evening game drive in Schotia Game Reserve...
Woodpecker, Re-Bellied Woodpeckers, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Illinois, Birding, Images of Red - Bellied Woodpeckers, Woodpecker Photos

Red-bellied Avian Supermodel

Female red-bellied woodpecker strikes a pose. To see more of her...
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