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Burrowing Owl

Photo of a burrowing owl which is a protected species in...
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Lion Hugs

It was so fun to watch the lion cubs playing. When...
Tanjiahe Park, plumbeous water redstart, plumbeous water redstart photos, China, China photos, birds in China, birding in China

Waiting for a Bath

While visiting China with Nat Hab, I was hanging out on the hotel...
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There were a number of zebras in the area. This foal...
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Wood Duck Parfait

Sterne Pond is always a very popular place to be in...
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Brain Freeze

A bull elk foraging for food in sub freezing weather along...
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I like to go out to central Nebraska to watch the...
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Ready or Not Here I Come

While visiting India with Nat Hab, we found a tiger resting on...
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Little Bear Cub

A little brown bear cub stands up out of the sedge...
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Northern Flicker

This picture was taken in Cayo Coco, Cuba at sunset when...
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Hippo Mama

On a photo tour of Tanzania, we found a group of hippos in...
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I Just Spotted Dinner!

A coyote up on a ridge in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National...
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Leopard in Tree

A leopard sits in a tree in the Linyanti Reserve, Botswana....
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Ready for Takeoff

Taken on the rocks above Spillar's Cove near Bona Vista, Newfoundland,...
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Rubbing Faces

We were fortunate to see these male lions by the river after...
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Head-on Collision

Two bighorn rams battling it out at the peak of the...
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Elephants on Parade

While I was on safari in Tanzania, I wanted a picture...
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First Spring Gosling

Today was a beautiful day to enjoy Carburn Park in Calgary,...
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Blue on a Perch

Mountain bluebirds are one of the first birds to return to...
red panda, red panda photos, pandas in China, wild red pandas, Dujiangyan Panda Base, Chengdu

Breakfast Time

The day was cloudy, grey and humid. We were hoping to...
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