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Day of the Polar Bear

It's International Polar Bear Day!  Each year this day helps to highlight the...
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Mothers Everywhere Face Moments Like This

As we sat quietly watching this cheetah family in Kenya, we...
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Protect That Egg

We were exploring the Ord River in Australia by speedboat. The...
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Zebra Love

Native to Africa, zebras are close relatives of the horse and...
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Nothing Beats a Mud Bath

While driving around the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, we caught...
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Maasai Hyena

This hyena was seen on the Maasai Mara by the side...
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Three's a Crowd

This photo was taken during our second attempt to land at...
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On the Prowl

A bobcat on the prowl while it's snowing in Yellowstone. It...
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Short-eared Owl

Short-eared owl on Genovesa Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. An extremely lucky shot....
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Monarch In Flight

A monarch butterfly comes in for a landing with others from...
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Botswana Sunrise

Early morning game drive while on safari in Botswana with Nat...
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Caught in the Act

Coyote on the prowl off road thru the trees in Lamar...
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Running Bear

This image was taken at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. The brown...
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Lion Attraction

This lion couple was photographed while on safari in Serengeti National...
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Lilac Breasted Roller

The lilac breasted roller is one of the most beautiful birds...
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Le Quatuor des Manchots Royaux

Sur une colline de Géorgie du sud,tôt le matin,je suis en...
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Which Way, Mom?

A baby elephant learning from Mom in the Rift Valley Province...
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Frosty Bison

A frosty bison walks through the snow on a very cold...
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Admiring Himself

Noticed this red egret walking around at low tide near the...
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Ladies in Waiting

On a recent trip to the Pantanal, my friend and I...
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