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turkey, turkey photos, wild turkey, wild turkey photos, San Francisco animals, United States Wildlife

Turkey Trot

From the scenic background and the sandy soil he's standing on,...
elk, elk photos, roosevelt elk, roosevelt elk photos, elk herd, elk herd photos, Willapa Bay, Washington wildlife, united states wildlife

Into the Mist

On may way to a meeting in Long Beach, WA, I...
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Keeping a Wary Eye Out

This mother was with two cubs when she sensed a male...
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Grey-Crowned Cranes in Unison

I took a number of photos of grey-crowned cranes before sighting...
crested tern, crested tern photos, crested terns in Australia, Australia wildlife, Australia wildlife photos, Australia birds, Heron Island, Heron Island wildlife, Heron Island birds

Rejoice For Life is Worth Living

This beautiful, showy crested tern was photographed on the shoreline of Heron...
brown bear, grizzly bear, brown bear photos, grizzly bear images, grizzly fishing, Katmai National Park, Katmai National Park wildlife, united states wildlife photos, Alaska wildlife, Alaska bears, Alaska photos, Alaskan brown bear

Just Hanging

I took this photo while sitting by a waterfall watching this...
snowy owl, snowy owl photos, owl, owl photos, birds in the US, owls in the US, snowy owls in the US, Rhode Island wildlife, Rhode Island birds, Charleston Breachway

Snowy on the Rocks

Starting out my morning in Charlestown, Rhode Island at the crack...
raven, raven photos, ravens in the US, Canyonlands National Park, Canyonlands National Park photos, Canyonlands National Park wildlife, birds in the US, ravens in the US


I was having lunch in Canyonlands National Park when a raven...
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Baby Elephant with Mom

We were driving around on the Serengeti and spotted some elephants...
giraffe, giraffe photos, giraffe images, south africa wildlife, south africa wildlife photos, african safari photos, giraffes in south africa

Stand Tall

This was taken in South Africa. I was there for 2...
bison, bison photos, bison images, baby bison, buffalo, buffalo photos, buffalo images, Waterton Lakes wildlife, Waterton Lakes wildlife images, Canada wildlife, Waterton Lakes National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park photos

Bison in Repose

Just outside of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta Canada is...
green heron, green heron photos, Lake Zorinsky photos, Lake Zorinsky birds, Nebraska wildlife, Nebraska birds, Nebraska herons

Green Heron

I spotted this green heron while out kayaking in Lake Zorinsky...
caiman, caiman photos, caiman in Brazil, caiman in the pantanal, pantanal wildlife, Brazil wildlife, pantanal wildlife photos, pantanal photos

Stay Away

During a river boat trip in Brazil, we came across this...
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Bring It On!

These two sub-adult male polar bears were sparring near the Tundra...
Cheetah, cheetah cub, cheetah cub photos, Kenya, Kenya wildlife, Kenya safari images, cheetah images, cheetah photos, kenya images, kenya photos, Maasai Mara, Maasai Mara wildlife

Cheetah Cutie

There are moments in time that will stay with you for a...
malachite butterfly, malachite butterfly photos, costa rica butterflies, butterflies in costa rica, costa rica wildlife, Danaus Nature Center, Ecocentro Danaus

Sitting Pretty

While visiting Costa Rica with Nat Hab, we stopped at Ecocentro Danaus on...
mule deer, mule deer photos, mule deer doe, Glacier National Park, Glacier National Park wildlife, Glacier National Park wildlife photos, Glacier National Park photos, deer, deer photos

Which Way Did He Go

I was shooting photographs of a lake at Glacier National Park...
hippopotamus, hippopotamus photos, Linyanti, Linyanti wildlife, Botswana, Botswana wildlife, Botswana safari photos, Africa safari photos

Tandem Hippos

We were watching a pod of hippos one morning when these...
Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel, Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel photos, Grand Canyon National Park , Grand Canyon National Park wildlife, US wildlife, squirrels in the US

Golden Moment

This was taken during late May snow in the forests of...
pelican, pelican photos, pelican eating a fish, pelican fishing, pelican eating, Florida birds, Florida wildlife, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Pelican Meal

I saw this pelican swimming around in a marina. He was...
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