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Ring-Tailed Lemur

I was on my third week of a trip to Madagascar....
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Into the Drink

I took this photo on a recent trip to Antarctica and...
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Welcome Bear

Saw this little guy on one of our hikes in Katmai...
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Hippos exhibit this trait called "mouthing." They don't seem to hurt each...
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Flora and Fawna!

I was sat having breakfast with my husband in our kitchen...
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Leaving the Scene

This male tiger invaded a space defended by a large female...
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Giraffe Family

While touring Kruger National Park in South Africa from a van,...
Brown Bear, Katmai Alaska, USA

Catering Alaskan Style

A bear attempts to capture a salmon at Brooks Falls -- An Alaskan...
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The Lizard King

An alligator lizard suns itself among the fallen leaves in the mountains...
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I was on a safari to Tanzania. During the lunch break...
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When we were in Churchill with Nat Hab, this female polar...
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Posing Cheetahs

These cheetahs were the very first animals we came across at...
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Great Cormorant

While walking around the lake I found this cormorant standing in...
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Lilac Breasted Roller

I took this photo of a lilac breasted roller in flight...
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One week into our Nat Hab trip, The Wild Side of...
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I’m Sittin’ On Top of the World

We have a small home in Costa Rica where we see...
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Irresistible Lion Cub

My friend and I were on a safari in Botswana when...
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Sounds of the Prairie

This rattlesnake may look big in the picture but is actually...
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Last Stage of Attack

Just boating in British Columbia, this is what you can see...
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While on safari in Botswana with Natural Habitat Adventures, awe came...
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