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There were several black-winged stilts searching for food along a flooded...
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Eye On the Prize

A sandhill crane watching his mate....
tawny frogmouth, tawny frogmouth photos, birds of australia, australia wildlife, Brisbane wildlife

I Am a Stump, I Am a Stump

This tawny frogmouth has a perfect sense of place using its camouflage...
bison, bison photos, bison images, buffalo, buffalo photos, buffalo images, american bison, rocky mountain arsenal, rocky mountain arsenal wildlife, rockies wildlife, european starling, european starling photos


I was at Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Colorado and wanted to...
tiger photos, bengal tiger photos, tiger, bengal tiger, Ranthambore National Park, Ranthambore National Park wildlife, Ranthambore National Park wildlife photos, india wildlife, india wildlife photos

I Really Don't Like the Smell of It.....

This tiger could smell a female intruder in her territory and wasn't happy...
Weddell seal, weddell seal photos, seal photos, antarctica seals, antarctica seal photos, Erebus Bay, Erebus Bay wildlife

A Fresh Breath

Weddell seals are a circumpolar mammal that live off the coast...
great horned owl, great horned owl photos, Colorado wildlife, Colorado birds, Chatfield State Park, baby owls, baby great horned owl, european starling, european starling photos, starling, starling photos

Who Are You?

This was one of these owlets' first jump out of the...
penguin, penguin photo, galapagos penguin, galapagos wildlife, galapagos islands

Curious Penguin

Playful penguins in the Galapagos Islands seemed to enjoy posing for...
elk, elk photos, bull elk, rocky mountain national park, national park photos, rocky mountain national park wildlife

September's Burn

A satellite bull announces his arrival as the sun of September...
long tailed macaque, long tailed macaque photos, macaque photos, Cambodia wildlife, macaques in Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Angkor Wat wildlife

Cheeky Monkey

This little guy was so UN-shy! He climbed right up into our...
martial eagle, martial eagle photos, eagle photos, African birds, African eagles, eagles in Africa, Okavango Delta, Okavango delta wildlife, Okavango Delta birds, Botswana wildlife, Botswana birds, African safari, Botswana safari

Martial Eagle

The martial eagle is one of the largest eagles in the...
roseate spoonbill, roseate spoonbill photos, spoonbill, spoonbill photos, birds of Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Florida birds, Wakodahatchee Wetlands wildlife, Florida wildlife photos, united states wildlife, american wildlife

Spoon Fight

Two roseate spoonbill birds fighting over a spot on a perch....
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Don't Mess with Momma

It was nearing dusk when we found this lioness with her...
bobcat, bobcat photos, yellowstone national park, yellowstone wildlife, winter in yellowstone, yellowstone photos

Bobcat Pose

While in Yellowstone National Park, I was lucky enough to capture...
sandhill crane, sandhill crane photos, cranes, crane photos, cranes in the united states, united states wildlife, united states birds, wildlife in america, birds in america, birds in Nebraska, Rowe Sanctuary

Great Migration

Every year over 6-400,000 sandhill cranes congregate along an 80-mile stretch...
great horned owl, great horned owl photos, Pennsylvania wildlife, Pennsylvania birds, Epherta Park, baby owls, baby great horned owl

Looking One Way

I spent three months with these owls from the time they...
bighorn sheep, rams, bighorn sheep photos, ram photos, Washington wildlife

In the Tall Grass

The elusive and magnificent bighorn sheep ram stood in the tall...
great blue heron, great blue heron photos, great blue heron fishing, birds in Florida, birds in the US, Honeymoon Island State Park, Duneeden, wildlife in Florida, Florida wildlife

Great Blue Heron with Fish

The great blue heron was flipping fish around to swallow and...
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Mud Bath

We were on our morning safari and had stopped to take...
monarch butterfly, monarch butterfly photos, Mexico wildlife, monarchs in Mexico, Sierra Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary, Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary photos, monarch migration, monarch migration photos, Mexico butterflies

Flying Butterfly

Taken on Nat Hab's Monarch Butterfly Photo Adventure in the Chincua...
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