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Wrestling for Fun

These two young male elephants looked they were engaged in mortal...
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Mama Bear

This mama bear lives in the hills of West Virginia! She...
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Impala Portrait

A simple photo portrait of one of Africa's most iconic creatures....
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The Landing

The blue-tailed bee-eater (Merops philippinus) comes in for a landing. Visit...
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Pearl Crescent

This fresh pearl crescent was resting in the woods on a...
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All You Need is Love

It was 5:04 pm and we were losing light fast. We...
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Tiger in a Water Hole

Our safari guides anticipated the movements of this young bengal tiger,...
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Raspberry Rain

Half of the famous Raspberry and Snow grizzly duo in Yellowstone...
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Bumble Bee in Flight

A bumble bee in flight at some beautiful flowers. Visit William's...
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Curious River Otter

A North American river otter, watches curiously as I began my...
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Get My Good Side

Atlantic puffin poses for a photo on Machias Seal Island—their breeding...
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Enchanted Beauty

Making the world a prettier place, a butterfly pollinates the plant...
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Humpback Breach

One of the first humpback whales to be seen in Bona...
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Sibling Red Fox Kits

These two little red fox kits were starting to explore the...
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Family Affair

Capturing this photo was such an emotional event. How perfect they...
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Who Are You?

This puffin was floating by the cliffs in Iceland when he suddenly...
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New Ducklings

Baby mallard ducks swim together in Montana....
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Polar Bear Relaxing on the Ice

This polar bear was on the sea-ice in Svalbard area of...
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Gentle Giant

This lumbering gentle giant seem oblivious to the safari van full...
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He's Getting Eaten Alive!

I began shooting this frog while laying on a rickety platform...
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