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Sunrise and sunset are the best time for birding. This was...
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Lady Bug on Wet Grass

A ladybug moves slowly across wet grass. I liked the contrast...
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Relaxing Leopard in the Tree

I spotted this stunning leopard in Kruger National Park who was...
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Me, Myself and...

Clicked this image during my third safari with a DSLR camera....
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Bonding Elephants in Kapama

I was on a safari in a private reserve in South Africa...
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How to Open a Bean Pod

A mother Bornean orangutan carefully instructs her baby to open and...
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Brotherly Love

Two brothers taking a little time together showing some brotherly love...
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Holding Firm

The start of winter brings with it the joy of observing...
brown pelican, brown pelican photos, pelican photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birds, Florida pelicans


Just relaxing on a sunny day....
duck, duck photos, indian duck, Guwahati, India wildlife, India birding

Shake It Off

I was passing by a pond when I saw some domestic...
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View From Above

This image was taken of a Maasai giraffe from a hot...
blackbuck, blackbuck photos, blackbuck images, blackbucks in India, India wildlife, Khallikote, Odisha

A Black Buck

A sub-adult blackbuck in its natural habitat in the green fields...
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Monkey Model Shot

This was taken in the Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali. It was...
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Bug in My Ear

An elephant shakes off after spraying water over his head....
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This tiny little fellow was photographed amongst the eucalypt forest. This...
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The Eyes Have It

On the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Metairie, Louisiana, a...
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I'm Busy

This little otter was enjoying a float in the kelp near...
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A lilac breasted roller, patiently waiting for lunch to fly by,...
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Our American Mammal

We were watching a herd of buffalo in Yellowstone National Park....
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Leopard Drinking

Leopard in South Africa taking time out for a drink and...
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