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Not Impressed

Heading out of Ranthambore National Park one evening, we came across...
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Leopard Lick

Shortly after our arrival into the Moremi Game Reserve we heard...
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Isabela Flamingo

A lovely flamingo wades the lagoons of Isabela Islands in the Galapagos....
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Isn't the Snooze Button Wonderful?

One early morning in the Delta with Nat Hab, we spotted...
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Brown Pelican

This picture was taken at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach,...
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Almost Got You

The wildebeest was caught by the crocodile by the rear right...
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Mr. Irresistible

Generally, great blue herons have one mate per breeding season. Males...
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Following Me

We were doing a game drive in a remote part of...
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High Up on a Limb

Taken in Mala Mala on a Nat Hab extension in South...
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Indian Gaur

As we were coming back from our drive in Mudumalai Wildlife...
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Young Elephant

This little beauty didn't have a care in the world. It...
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In the Mist

Misty morning light at the swamp in Weston, Florida. Visit Lorenzo's...
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Looking for Love

Morning had broken at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The...
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Sourcing Sweets

Photo of Ann's hummingbird, taken at Santa Cruz Arboretum. Visit Steve's...
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Bath Time

We watched this warthog enjoy a mud bath while at the...
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Out For a Walk

Mother sandhill crane with her young colt out for a walk....
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Three Giraffe

A group of giraffe strolling across the open Moremi Game Reserve...
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Krishna: Queen of Ranthambore

On an early morning drive in Ranthambore National Park on Nat Hab's India's...
giant panda, giant panda photos, panda photos, pandas in China, wild pandas, Dujiangyan Panda Base, Chengdu

Tai Shan

While at Dujiangyan Panda Base, we got to see Tai Shan....
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The Lilac Lovely

The lilac-breasted roller, the official bird of Africa, perches on a...
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