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Egyptian vulture, Egyptian vulture photos, birding in India, Egyptian vulture in India, Jorbeed wildlife, Rajasthan wildlife, India birds

An Egyptian Ruler

A pretty colorful image of the migratory immature Egyptian vulture whose...
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Wild Dogs

We were on our first day of a safari. We were...
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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to....

Mom and her cubs off to find an area to rest....
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I Got Mom by the Tail

Baby lion cub playing with his mother's tail. Visit Steve's photography...
Cheetah, cheetah photos, Tanzania, Tanzania wildlife, Tanzania safari images, cheetah images, Tanzania images, Tanzania photos, Ndutu, Ndutu wildlife

Searching for the Lost One

When brothers venture out, it is fun and it is togetherness!...
chipmunk, chipmunk photos, Washington wildlife, chipmunks in Washington

The Colors of Fall

A chipmunk on a dried sunflower in Republic, WA. Visit Tim's...
snowy owl, snowy owl photos, owl, owl photos, birds in Canada, owls in Canada, snowy owls in Canada, Canada wildlife, Ontario birds, Ontario

Snowy Owl in Flight

Snowy owl in flight. Visit Michael's photography page for more wildlife...
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This is My Tree!

I was photographing the lemur before either the lemur or I...
common mime butterfly, common mine butterfly photos, swallowtail butterfly, swallowtail butterfly photos, India butterflies, butterflies in India, Hyderabad, Hyderabad wildlife

Common Mime Butterfly

The common mime butterfly is sucking nectar from flower....
Black-Capped Chickadee, Black-Capped Chickadee photos, Washington birds, birding in Washington, birding in the US, US birds, US birding

Black Capped Chickadee in the Snow

A black-capped chickadee perched on a tree on a snowy day....
snake, snake photos, sri lanka wildlife, sri lanka snakes, sri lanka reptiles, Yala National Park, Yala National Park wildlife, bronzeback snake, bronzeback snake photos

The Hidden Beauty

A photo of a bronzeback snake photographed in Yala National Park,...
brown bear, grizzly bear, brown bear photos, grizzly bear images, grizzly fishing, Katmai National Park, Katmai National Park wildlife, united states wildlife photos, Alaska wildlife, Alaska bears, Alaska photos

Mom with a Mouthful

Brown bear catching a large salmon almost as big as she...
European Tree Frog, European Tree Frog photos, Rainette, Rainette photos, France wildlife, wildlife in France, Dordogne, Dordogne wildlife, frogs in Europe, frogs in France

Rainette de Dordogne

A sunny afternoon in Dordogne, and a rainette camouflaged in the wine...
yellow-footed green pigeon, yellow-footed green pigeon photos, yellow-footed green pigeon in India, India wildlife, India birding, birds in India, birding in India, Rajasthan, Rajasthan wildlife

A Fig-Eating Pigeon

An early morning visit to Gopalpura village near Tal Chhapar yielded...
caterpillar, caterpillar photos, insects in the US, caterpillars in the US, Florida insects, Florida caterpillars, green caterpillars

I'll Be a Beautiful Butterfly

In preparations for Hurricane Irma, I was pruning trees and found...
wildebeest, wildebeest photos, wildebeest migration, Tanzania migration, Tanzania wildlife, Africa migration, Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro wildlife

Feeding Time

Wildebeest mother pauses to suckle baby. Visit Steve's photography website to...
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Bald Glare

A bald eagle menacingly stares down, waiting for a meal, as...
lion, lion photos, Kenya wildlife, Kenya wildlife photos, africa wildlife, africa wildlife photos, lions in Kenya, Kenya safari, Kenya safari photos, africa safari, africa safari photo, Porini Lion Camp

Run for Their Money!

These nomadic brothers walked on, right into the Dicky Lion Pride,...
crowned hornbill, crowned hornbill photos, south africa wildlife, south africa birds, birding in south africa, Kruger National Park, Kruger wildlife, birding in Kruger

Sitting Pretty

I was on a photography trip in South Africa. During one...
meerkat, meerkat photos, south african wildlife, south african meerkats, Tswalu Kalahari Camp, Tswalu wildlife

Meerkats at Bedtime

Meerkats at sunset getting ready for bed....
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