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Doe-eyed Impala

Don't forget about the antelope species! This beautiful Impala in soft...
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Riots of Natural Colours

This species, like other bee-eaters, is a richly coloured, slender bird....
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Baby Elephant

Baby elephant at the waterhole with the herd in the Moremi...
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Bat-eared Fox Hunting the Roadside

The bat-eared foxes run in small packs. They were jumping around in...
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A young puma resting in the rainforest of Corcovado National Park....
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In My Garden

A bee visits a blossom....
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Pretty Lady

This leopard had just finished a meal of impala and was...
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Open Wide

We were en route to Pisco, Peru, when we were granted...
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Lioness in Pursuit of Prey

We were parked on a semi-dry river bank when I noticed...
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Mother Zebra and Newborn Baby

A new born baby and her mother early in the morning....
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Realm of the Polar Bear

Polar bear on the pack ice during our circumnavigation of Svalbard....
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Lazing Around

A tiger and tigress couple lazing around on a hot afternoon...
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Short Haul Flight

Great blue heron is one of the largest of the North...
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There's an Elephant in the Room

An elephant approaches in the Serengeti, Tanzania....
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Zebras Greeting

As a group of plains zebras was heading back from the...
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Oriental White-eye

Oriental white-eye is a common bird having a large distribution. In...
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Crooked Tusk

An elephant at the watering hole in the Moremi Game Reserve,...
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Soft Padded Strides

He walked with soft padded strides. My heart skipped a beat,...
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Parent and Child

Gentoo penguin parent in conversation with its offspring on Danco Island,...
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Portrait of Elk

During the summertime at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, I...
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