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Little Beauty

Resting time... A wire-tailed swallow was sitting on a perch in...
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One Very Concerned Jaguar

This jaguar was not happy to see a rival, and made...
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I Wonder What I Should Do Now...

Alaskan brown bear looking as if to say, "What now? Should...
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Eagle Tag

Taken in Haines, Alaska during the 2018 Bald Eagle Festival....
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Tiger Spray Marking

I was on safari in India, with the goal of getting...
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Burchell's Zebras Walking Towards Waterhole

I remember this photo as if it were yesterday, a zebra...
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This was taken on a bitter cold day around new years....
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Don't Touch My Salmon

This black bear managed to catch a pink wild salmon in...
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Red Fox

One of my favorite subjects is the red fox, especially in...
Lion, Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya

Sweet Face

We found a shade tree in a warm mostly open area...
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A courting male zebra fighting the father to prove his strength...
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Cormorants Feeding Baby

Cormorant parents were feeding their juveniles....
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Bald Eagle In Flight

A bald eagle in flight over the Susquehanna river in northern...
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Coy Grizzly Bear

This photo was taken along the road side in the Yukon...
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The Chameleon and the Cricket

After several minutes and shots, I was able to finally capture...
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White-tailed Buck

When a white-tailed buck climbed a slope and his head and...
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Could I Be More Handsome?

Taken on a photography trip to Kenya in 2013....
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Rhinoceros Up Close

Meeting him up close was amazing!...
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In Tandem Flying

A flock of white ibis form a partnership of one behind...
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Walking Towards His Fight

Rutting season is here. Calling all the females....
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