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Red-veined Darter

It is a widespread and common species found from the south...
Loten's Sunbird, Loten's Sunbird photos, Sri Lanka wildlife, Sri Lanka birding, birding in Sri Lanka, Maharagama, Maharagama wildlife, birding in Maharagama


This photograph of a male Lote's sunbird was taken in my...
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Elk Bugling

A bull elk calls out in Pennsylvania....
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Soft Landing

Snowy owl lands on a fence post after chasing away a...
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Cubs Stare Down Prey

Following a zebra kill by two adult males, a pride of...
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Wapiti Lake Pack

Heading into YNP on an early morning Bombardier run with fresh...
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Prise de Bec

Two bohemians argue regularly to eat berries. I decided to place...
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Mystic Morning

Portrait of an American white pelican preening its feathers in the...
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Young Moose

Young moose feeding at the lakeside....
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Grizzly Serenity

A grizzly bear is the perfect picture of peacefulness as it...
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Wild Dog

A pack of wild dogs had circled a herd of elephants....
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Classic Howling Coyote in the Mist

This coyote was caught mid-howl in a "classic" coyote pose. It...
South American Tern, South American Tern photos, birding in South America, birding in Ecuador, Guayaquil, terns in Ecuador, terns in South America

Got Lunch

It was between trips and we were anchored near Guayaquil, Ecuador....
grey-crowned crane, grey-crowned crane photos, Tanzania wildlife, Tanzania birds, Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Crater photos, Ngorongoro Crater wildlife photos, Africa safari, Tanzania safari

On Feathered Wings

The plumage on the crowned crane is exquisite and their brilliant...
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Red Fox Sitting in Snow

Photographed in PE, Canada this red fox was quite curious after...
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Mom and Me

We watched two baby elephants and their mothers for almost an...
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The Full-Bellied Coyote

After feeding on the leftovers of a mountain lion kill, this...
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A subadult bald eagle takes a pause for a moment from...
Common Crow Butterfly, Common Crow Butterfly photos, India butterflies, butterflies in India, India wildlife

Common Crow Butterfly

The common crow tiger is in search of nectar....
downy woodpecker, downy woodpecker photos, birding in North Carolina, North Carolina birding

The Black and White Spots

The male downy woodpecker is a gorgeous bird from the woodpecker family....
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