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On resent trip to Kenya I went on a morning game drive....
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Where's That Salmon

This Alaskan coastal brown bear was fishing for salmon. She had...
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Smile (or not)

We had arrived at the monkey park early in the morning....
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Road Block

A rajbhara male tiger rests in the road in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve,...
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Red-footed Booby

Red-footed booby in the red mangroves of Genovesa Island, Galapagos....
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Dancing in the Snow

Taken on our first day out on the tundra in the...
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Let's Dance

Ready to dance with her right foot forward, this white ibis...
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The Great Migration

A massive herd of wildebeests crossing a notorious crocodile-infested river in...
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Walk Along the Riverbank

A mother brown bear appears to talking to her cub as...
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Resting Cheetah After a Chase

On a bush walk, we tracked and located this wild cheetah...
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Beautiful Blue

I was on a trip in Central America and our first...
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Anna's Hummingbird

An Anna's Hummingbird takes a drink from a protea flower at...
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Scop Owls

Two owls huddle in a tree in Pench National Park, India....
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Dirty Cubs

These cubs were playing in a wet muddy area and were...
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Look, Mama, How Hungry He Is

It's dinner time in British Columbia when the salmon are running....
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Green Bee-Eater

Green bee-eater (Merops orientalis) on a branch of tree. Like other...
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Parent and Child

We were on the second day of our journey from the...
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Piece of Earth

An elephant bull kicks debris at the camera in indignation. All...
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Crystallized Eagle

On a -10 degree morning this bald eagle looks frozen on...
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Bird Love

Two black-necked stilts cross bills in a pair-bonding ritual on Grand...
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