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Descending Salmon Eggs

Brown bear at Brooks Falls getting fat on silver salmon....
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Rufous Hummingbird Defending Her Territory

The Rufous hummers arrive in Nevada in late August migrating south...
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Puffin Spin

Puffin shakes out his wings and his whole body! Visit Leigh's...
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Grumpy Ma

It was a rainy and very cloudy late afternoon. Light was really...
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Right Jab... Left Jab... and The Fight is On!

These two siblings were at their peak of breaking away for...
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Took this picture on a family vacation to the Galapagos....
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Jungle Jump

A leap of hope. The kipunji is one of the least-known...
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Mule Deer Buck in Velvet

My grandson and I went for a walk in the Porcupine...
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Eye Contact

Taken on a lava cover coastline while on a Nat Hab...
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Gentle Giant

I was in the Kruger National Park to try to find...
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I'm the Boss

I was in Bwindi on a gorilla trek. I had specifically...
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Hurry Up and Wait

I was driving a Polar Rover, and everyone on the tour...
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Blue Ringed Eyes

The colouration of the male blue-eyed bush frog becomes more yellow...
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The Beautiful Aggression

Well, the beautiful aggression of green vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta) is...
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The King Up Close and Personal

The king of the jungle, one of the Big Five, takes...
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On the Move

Mesmerized by both the setting sun and this graceful migration....
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Red Avadavat

It's an early morning shot on a rainy morning....
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Baby Hyena

A baby hyena poses outside of den in the Serengeti. Visit...
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People Change as This Chameleon Changes Colors

The picture was taken in Anaikatti, Coimbatore, India....
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Beautiful Catch

Photo taken during Nat Hab's Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Photo Safari trip. A...
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