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Cheetah Chilling in a Tree

To see a cheetah resting in a tree is incredibly unusual....
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I was visiting Sri Lanka and had traveled from the north...
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A Stripe of Zebras

While on a game drive in Welgevonden Game Reserve in the...
wood duck, wood duck photos, Pennsylvania ducks, Pennsylvania wildlife, birds in Pennsylvania, birding in Pennsylvania

Wood Ducks

This is a look through a fallen tree at a handsome...
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Is That a Mouse I Hear?

Red fox on the hunt for food using hearing to pick...
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Leopard by the Roadside

Leopard approached the road just as we were about to pass...
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Dangerous Liaisons

A lion pride usually consist of 1-3 adult males with a...
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Let's Relax

Tiger encounters are very rare. And getting a tiger sitting like...
Tri-colored Heron, Tri-colored Heron photos, heron photos, Florida birds, birding in Florida, herons in Florida

Built-in Sun Shade

A tri-colored heron has a built in sun shade cover made...
Grey Pansy Butterfly, Grey Pansy Butterfly photos, Nepal wildlife, butterflies in Nepal

Grey Pansy Butterfly

Follow tricky stabilization when life puts ups and downs in front...
mountain bluebird, mountain bluebird photos, Washington wildlife, Washington birds, birding in Washington

Morning Glory

A portrait of a mountain bluebird taken in the early morning....
capuchin monkey, white-faced capuchin monkey, monkeys in Costa Rica, Costa Rica wildlife, Manuel Antonio National Park, capuchin monkey photos, white-faced capuchin monkey photos, photos of monkeys in Costa Rica

Monkey Business

Capuchin monkey in Manuel Antonio National Park....
owl, owl photos, eastern-screech owl, eastern-screech owl photos, birds in the US, birds in Illinois, owls in Illinois, birding in the US

Eye Contact

Owl looking for a portrait to be taken....
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Lookin' Good

We had stopped to photograph a rare white baboon (two had...
basilisk, basilisk photos, Costa Rica wildlife, lizards in Costa Rica, basilisk in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano


Basilisk lizard photographed in the Arenal Volcano area in Costa Rica....
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Mom's on Duty

I was fortunate to be able to follow this cheetah family...
blue morpho butterfly, blue morpho butterfly photos, San Diego wildlife, San Diego butterflies, butterflies in the US


A close-up of a blue morpho butterfly....
mountain gorilla, mountain gorilla photos, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park wildlife, gorillas in Uganda, Uganda wildlife

A Very Close Encounter

This beautiful female mountain gorilla chose to sit next to me...
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Long-tailed Tit

My wife and I visited the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland and...
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Hummingbird Enjoying the Rain

Hummingbird enjoying the rain in Atascadero, California after a recent rain...
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