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Polar Bear Relaxing on the Ice

This polar bear was on the sea-ice in Svalbard area of...
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Gentle Giant

This lumbering gentle giant seem oblivious to the safari van full...
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He's Getting Eaten Alive!

I began shooting this frog while laying on a rickety platform...
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Mountain Lion

Mountain lion rests after eating a guanaco in Torres del Paine...
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Resting in the Road

The pride of lions had feasted on a zebra kill and...
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The Robbery

Two bald eagles fight over a fish. Just caught it right...
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Pensive Grizzly Cub

This image was captured on a trip to Grand Teton National...
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A Cub Encounter

What could be more fun than to have a lion cub...
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Dunlin Profile

Laying down on the beach I watched the shorebirds preen, feed...
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The Look

While on a small boat far off shore during a photo...
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Tri-Neck Giraffes

Two reticulated giraffes looked like they were arguing and bumping against...
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My Favorite Wood Duck

I watched this wood duck for hours. I noticed him chasing...
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A Smokey Morning & a Harbor Seal

A curious harbor seal, makes eye contact with me while I...
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I came across this mom killdeer on a rainy day. The...
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Bad Ass Buffalo Bull

We searched all afternoon for a herd of Cape buffalos and...
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Barred Owl

This barred owl, nicknamed Sidney, arrives most nights at dinner time...
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You Look Good Enough to Eat

I was on safari in India, with the goal of getting...
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Woodpecker In-flight with Seeds Flying

Red-bellied woodpecker in flight after scooping up bird seed....
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Here a black rhino munches on some twigs. Black rhino are...
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I took this photograph just before the ice broke up on...
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