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mountain goat, Yellowstone wildlife, mountain goats in yellowstone national park, yellowstone national park wildlife photos, united states wildlife, united states wildlife photos, beartooth highway, Montana, Montana wildlife

Relaxing Amongst the Flowers

We were driving along the Beartooth Highway in Montana to the...
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Rangifer tarandus

I tracked this prime example of a caribou and several mates...
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The Catch

As the sun was setting on Horseshoe Lake in Illinois near...
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Hope in the Hills

I took this photo in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. I...
bee, bees photos, bees, bee photos, bees in the US, bees in Florida, Florida wildlife, Florida insects

Pollen Basket

The orange sac on the leg of this bee is a...
brown bear, grizzly bear, brown bear photos, grizzly bear images, Brooks Falls, Brooks Falls wildlife, united states wildlife photos, Alaska wildlife, Alaska bears, Alaska photos, bears fishing

I Finally Caught One

Took this shot several weeks ago on Nat Hab's Ultimate Alaska...
Olive-backed Sunbird, Olive-backed Sunbird photos, female, Olive-backed Sunbird, Singapore birds, birds in Singapore, wildlife in Singapore, Singapore wildlife

Beauty is Me

A female olive-backed sunbird perching on a banana flower. The pedal...
woodpecker, woodpecker photos, Black-Rumped Flameback Woodpecker, Black-Rumped Flameback Woodpecker photos, India wildlife, India birds, birding in India, Tamil Nadu

Knock Knock!

A shot in my backyard....
hummingbird, humming bird images, humming bird photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, american hummingbirds, California birds, California wildlife, Allen's hummingbird, Allen's hummingbird photos

Lift Off

Allen's hummingbird taking off after resting on a tree limb....
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly, Gulf Fritillary Butterfly photos, butterflies in Texas, butterflies in the US, Bob Jones Nature Center


This photograph was taken at Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake,...
grizzly bear, brown bear, grizzly photos, brown bear photos, alaska wildlife, alaska bears, alaska wildlife photos, alaska bear photos, united states wildlife, united states wildlife photos, Denali National Park, Denali wildlife, bears in Denali

Blue Butt

Late summer/early fall in Denali National Park, watching this grizzly foraging...
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Early Morning Stretch

I headed west from Ontario to photograph the birds in this area...
elk, bull elk, elk photos, bull elk photos, California wildlife, united states wildlife, tule elk, tule elk photos, tule elk in California

Tule Elk Bull in the Morning Light

I was making breakfast at sunrise when I saw this tule...
jaguar, jaguar photos, wild jaguars, pantanal wildlife, brazil wildlife, jaguars in the pantanal, jaguars in brazil, south american wildlife

Going for a Swim

A jaguar swims through the river to get to the other...
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Great Grey Owl and Thistles

Great grey owl perched on a fence post amongst some pink...
giant tortoise, giant tortoise photos, galapagos tortoise, galapagos islands, galapagos wildlife

Galapagos Tortoise

Close encounter with a Galapagos giant tortoise....
mountain goat, Scotland wildlife, mountain goats in Scotland, Glencoe wildlife, Glencoe wildlife photos, Scotland wildlife photos

Mountain Goat Portrait

I was up at Glencoe, Scotland on a photography trip to...
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Mild & Mighty

After getting some information by another guide, our safari guide found...
iguana, marine iguana, iguana photos, marine iguana photos, galapagos islands wildlife, galapagos wildlife photos

Marine Iguana

Marine iguanas sunning on the lava rock....
lilac breasted roller, lilac breasted roller photos, lilac breasted roller images, South Africa wildlife, South Africa wildlife images, South Africa wildlife photos, africa wildlife, South Africa birds, africa birds, Sabi Sand, Kruger National Park

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac breasted roller coming in for a landing....
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