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Here a black rhino munches on some twigs. Black rhino are...
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I took this photograph just before the ice broke up on...
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Mother Great Horned Owl and Owlet

A mother great horned owl and owlet sit in their nest...
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Allen's Hummingbird

Allen's hummingbird hovering vertically while feeding on a flower....
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Mommy and Me

A vervet monkey and his mother were sitting up on a...
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Guarding the Territory

Male tigers mark trees and rocks by spraying urine. This lets...
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King of the North

Up close and personal with a polar bear eagerly awaiting the...
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Staring Contest with a Leopard

A leopard in Kruger National Park stares down the camera....
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Giraffe in the Wild

The stately giraffe....
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Male Pheasant

Male pheasant in the field I was photographing. The pheasants were...
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Crested Hawk Eagle

Lucky enough to spot this eagle close to the road on...
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Aren’t You Glad I Am an Herbivore?

Marine iguana on rock in Galápagos Islands....
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Watchful Mother

Langurs are common in India. There were new borns in the...
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Cheetah Chilling in a Tree

To see a cheetah resting in a tree is incredibly unusual....
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I was visiting Sri Lanka and had traveled from the north...
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A Stripe of Zebras

While on a game drive in Welgevonden Game Reserve in the...
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Wood Ducks

This is a look through a fallen tree at a handsome...
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Is That a Mouse I Hear?

Red fox on the hunt for food using hearing to pick...
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Leopard by the Roadside

Leopard approached the road just as we were about to pass...
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Dangerous Liaisons

A lion pride usually consist of 1-3 adult males with a...
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