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Motherly Love

In Tarangire National Park we unexpectedly came upon a colony of...
raccoon, raccoon photos, United States wildlife, wildlife in the US, Florida wildlife

And the Winner Is...

A raccoon thief proudly shows its pleasure in winning some food...
northern pintail, northern pintail photos, northern pin tail ducks, ducks in Florida, birds in Florida, Florida birding, US birding

Northern Pintail

Northern pintail duck that migrated down from the north to spend...
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Snowy Owl Landing

Snowy owl landing on a crisp snowy landscape....
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Biting Bugs

Young buck in Grand Teton National Park biting bugs. Visit Steve's...
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Impala Reflections

This image was taken in the Okavango Delta area of Botswana....
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Taking a Shower

What do you do when you move too slowly to get...
mountain gorilla, mountain gorilla photos, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park wildlife, gorillas in Uganda, Uganda wildlife

Mountain Gorilla Close

I was in Bwindi Forest on a gorilla trek. The family...
sea lion, sea lion photos, Galapagos wildlife, Galapagos Islands, baby sea lion, sea lion pup, sea lion pup photos

Sugar Baby

Sea lions in the Galapagos islands are fearless of humans and...
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Bald Eagle with Fish

Every year bald eagles from Canada and Alaska winter in Conowingo...
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Rush to Water

The elephant herd was rushing to get to the water hole...
marmot, marmot photos, Wyoming wildlife, marmots in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Grand Teton National Park wildlife, marmots in Grand Teton National Park

I'll Sneak Away Before She Sees Me...

Young marmot in Grand Teton National Park roaming from its home...
black-winged stilt, black-winged stilt photos, birds in India, India birding, Kelageri Lake,

Black-winged Stilt

When water level dips and migration season ends, you are left...
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Hello World!

The photo was taken in Rushikulya this year April when I...
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Break Neck Speed

A pair of giraffes engaging in an epic neck battle... These...
japanese snow monkey, japanese snow monkey photos, Japan wildlife, primates in Asia, primates in japan, Jigokudani monkey park

The Stare

We arrived early at our hotel near the monkey park, so...
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Rough Courtship

I was lucky to stay put for about 45 minutes on...
White-faced Capuchin Monkey, White-faced Capuchin Monkey photos, monkeys in Panama, Panama wildlife, Coiba National Park, Coiba National Park wildlife

You Can't Have Any

I was on a trip to Central America. We landed at...
bighorn sheep, rams, bighorn sheep photos, ram photos, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone wildlife

The Reigning Ram

The ram poses on the horizon as if he's king of...
white ibis, white ibis photos, ibis, ibis photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birds, Florida birding

Refreshing Breeze

White ibis rises to the occasion and takes full advantage of...
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