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Looking for Choke Cherries

This cinnamon black bear was on the hunt for choke cherries...
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I'm the King

Male lion just chilling in the Serengeti....
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Who Says Hyenas Aren't Cute

This little guy was so curious! he spent about 15 minutes...
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Searching For Nectar

Allen's hummingbird perched on a flower bud searching for nectar....
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Baby Battle

Young polar play-fighting in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada....
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Winter is Coming

My first snowy owl sighting of the season, near Hays, Alberta...
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Wood Duck Napping

Wood duck taking a nap....
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Brown Bear Mother & Last Year's Cub

This picture was taken at Hallo Bay in Katmai National Park....
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Take Your Place in the Circle of Life

While on safari in the Masa Mara, we came upon a...
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A curlew takes a stroll at Dailey Lake, Montana....
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Black-collard Hawk Fishing

A black-collared hawk comes out of the water with a fish...
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Sun Salutation

I often observe and photograph a colony of California sea lions...
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Plain Tiger

It was a very beautiful and sunny day when I clicked...
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We were watching a herd of cape buffalo when our guide...
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Two Bulls Fighting for Dominance

The two bulls had been fighting all afternoon. Late in the...
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Grizzly Bear Lurking

This grizzly bear was looking for berries to eat in late...
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Peek A Boo

While in Lewa Safari Camp in Kenya, we came upon a...
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Black & White in Black & White

We were lucky enough to be in Tanzania at the perfect...
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Thirsty Lions

Lioness and cubs drinking from a pond in South Africa....
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While on a workshop with Nature & Underwater Photographer Darren Jew...
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