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Taking a Look Back

While on safari in Kruger National Park, we spotted this leopard taking...
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Reed Cormorant

A reed cormorant poses in South Africa. Visit Bob's photography website...
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Cinnamon Girl

A cinnamon black bear stood on the edge of the road...
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Tree Stump Treasures

Dining mainly on insects and its larvae, a red-bellied woodpecker finds...
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Sleepy Fox

I recently spent a week with a family of red foxes....
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Bald Eagle Beauty

This bald eagle nest is in Kitchener, ON, and this couple...
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Painted Bunting Sitting on a Perch

Captured this male painted bunting while I was out exploring the...
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Caracaras Feeding Youngster

A pair of adult caracara feed their older youngster....
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A Great Blue Heron Take Off

A great blue heron takes off in flight, water still dripping from...
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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

A wounded lioness after a successful hunt....
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Male Indigo Bunting

A male indigo bunting poses for me....
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Right Place at the Right Time

This mother red fox just happened to be nursing her eight...
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Wrestling for Fun

These two young male elephants looked they were engaged in mortal...
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Mama Bear

This mama bear lives in the hills of West Virginia! She...
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Impala Portrait

A simple photo portrait of one of Africa's most iconic creatures....
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The Landing

The blue-tailed bee-eater (Merops philippinus) comes in for a landing. Visit...
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Pearl Crescent

This fresh pearl crescent was resting in the woods on a...
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All You Need is Love

It was 5:04 pm and we were losing light fast. We...
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Tiger in a Water Hole

Our safari guides anticipated the movements of this young bengal tiger,...
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Raspberry Rain

Half of the famous Raspberry and Snow grizzly duo in Yellowstone...
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