Great Blue Heron, Heron, Herons, Great Blue Herons, Oregon, Birding,Photos of Herons, Heron Images

Catch of the Day

I had been watching this heron for some time and had...
Owl. Owls. Northern Pygmy Owl, British Colombia, Owl Photos, Images of Pygmy Owls, Canada

Cute as a Button

These tiny raptors are so small they aren't easy to find....
Long Billed Curlew, Curlews, Long Billed Curlews, California, Images of Curlews, Birding, Curlew Photos

Got One

Long-billed curlew catching a sand crab on the beach....
Cormorant, Cormorants, Florida, Images of Cormorants, Cormorant Fishing, Cormorant Photos

Cormorant Catching Fish

Cormorant tossing and catching fish to position it to eat....
Hummingbird, Green Crowned Hummingbird, Hummingbirds, Costa Rica, Images of Hummingbirds, Hummingbird Photos

Almost There

One of the beautiful hummingbirds in Costa Rica coming in for...
Ibis, White Ibis, Birding, Ibis Photos, Images of White Ibis, Florida

Visual Representation

The likeness of a white ibis with lovely clouds is reversed...
King Fisher, Black Belted King Fisher, Birding, Florida, Images of King Fishers, King Fisher Photos


This belted kingfisher ascending from the water flying back to the...
Eagle, Eagles, Bald Eagle, American Bald Eagle, Maryland, Birding, Images of Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle Photos

Great Catch!

I was tracking this four-year-old bald eagle as he came towards me...
Warthogs, Tanzania, Warthog, Carmine Bee Eaters, Bee Eaters, Birding, Images of Warthogs, Bee Eater Images, Warthog Photos

The Beauty and the Beast

The very beautiful and colorful just love Pumbaa the Warthog. It...
Birding, Hawaii, Egret, Egrets, Photos of Egrets, Egret Images

On the Post

An egret at the Kanaha Pond wetlands in Maui, Hawaii....
Owl, Owls, Pallid Scoops Owl, Bahrain, Images of Owls, Owl Photos

Hidden Beauty

This pallid scoops owl photograph was clicked from my house garden...
Birding, Egret, Snowy Egret, Snowy Egrets, Images of Snowy Egrets, Snowy Egret Photos


In among tree foliage, a snowy egret appears to be fixated...
Birds, Heron, Herons, Great Blue Heron, Great Blue Herons, California, Images of Herons, Great Blue Heron Photos

Heron in Flight

Great Blue Heron in flight with full wing spread....
Birding, Frigatebird, Frigatebirds, Galapagos Islands, Espanola Island, Nazca Booby, Images of Frigatebirds, Frigatebird Photos

Frigatebird on the Prowl

A frigatebird scavenger chased away by Nazca Booby protecting their eggs &...
Penguin, Penguins, Gentoo Penguins Images of Penguins, Penguin Photos, Antarctica

Jumping Gentoos

Gentoo penguins jumping from an iceberg in Port Charcot, Antarctica....
Spoonbill, Roseate Spoonbill, Birding, Florida, Photos of Spoonbills, Roseate Spoonbill Images

Roseate Spoonbill

I came upon three glorious roseate spoonbills and they showed off...
Goose, Egyptian Goose, Geese, Egyptian Geese, San Antonio,Texas, Images of Egyptian Geese, Egyptian Goose Photos

Egyptian Goose

An Egyptian Goose sits by the shore of Woodlawn Lake, San...
Eagle, Eagles, Bald Eagle, Bald Eagles, Sullivan County, Birding, Photos of Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle Images

Fishing for Dinner.

An adult bald eagle looking for dinner and skimming the water...
Parakeet, Parakeets, India, Birding, Images of Parakeets, Parakeet Photos

Parakeet Intimacy

An intimate moment between two parakeets....
African Open Billed Stork, Stork, Storks, Ethiopia, Birding, Blue Nile Falls, Photos of Open Billed Storks, Stork Images


We were on our back from the hike to Blue Nile...
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