Owls, Owlets, India Owl Images, Photos of Owls

Jungle Owlets

Jungle owlets captured in Gurgaon, India Village Area....
Eagles, Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle, Alaska Eagles, Images of Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle Photos

Bathing Eagle Beauty

While on our way to Girdwood after leaving Talkeetna, we stopped...
White Ibis, Ibis, Photos of Ibis, White Ibis Images, Florida Ibis, Ibis in Flight, Birding in Florida, White Birds in Florida

On Approach

Three white ibis line up with a gentle downward slope on...
Ducks, Wood Ducks, New York Wood Ducks, Wood Duck Photos, Wood Duck Images, Photos of Ducks


Male wood duck swimming in a nearby pond. I just cannot...
Blue herons, Blue Heron Photos, Colorado Birds, Blue Herons in Colorado, Birding in Colorado, Nesting Blue Herons,

Colorado Blue Herons

Pair of blue herons building their nest. Photo taken in Colorado,...
Owls, Owl Photos, Great Horned Owls, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Wildlife, Birding in Pennsylvania, Photos of Great Horned Owls, Great Horned Owl Images, Owl Photos

Great Horned Owl

This great horned owl sits in her nest. Visit William's photography...
egret, egret photos, Great Egret, Great Egret photos, florida birds, florida wildlife, united states wildlife, united states birding

Egret Contour

Wading birds are amazing to watch when they get ready for...
Grey-headed Kingfisher, Grey-headed Kingfisher photos, birding in Kenya, Kenya wildlife, kingfishers in Kenya, Samburu National Reserve

The Dancer

This very beautiful grey-headed kingfisher was posing for me on a...
cattle egret, cattle egret photos, birding in India, birds in India, yellow and white birds in India, egrets in India

Angry Bird

It was a humid day in June, the month the Indian...
owl, owl photos, screech owl, screech owl photos, eastern screech owl, eastern screen owl photos, Texas birds, birding in Texas, owls in Texas, screech owls in Texas

Suspicious Screech Owl

This owl has returned to our backyard for the past three...
hummingbird, humming bird images, humming bird photos, united states wildlife, Costa Rica birds, Costa Rica birds, Costa Rica wildlife, Rufus-tailed hummingbird, White-necked Jacobin hummingbird

Hummingbird Face-off

Two hummingbirds take turns at sipping nectar from a ginger flower....
sarus crane, sarus crane photos, birding in India, birds in India, Indian birds, Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Sarus Crane Close Up

A sarus crane is a beautiful bird of which to capture...
owl, owl photos, spectacled owl, spectacled owl photos, Costa Rica Wildlife, wildlife in Costa Rica, owls in Costa Rica, el salto

Spectacled Owl

Taken in El Salto, Quepos, Costa Rica. Visit Sander's photography website...
owl, owl photos, birds in Canada, owls in Canada, birding in Canada, short-eared owl, short-eared owl photos, Prince George, British Columbia, birding in BC

Visiting Short-eared Owl

I was lucky enough to spent a couple of hours each...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in america, America's national bird, birding in Missouri, Missouri wildlife

Bald Eagle and Stick

While driving out to pick up my son, I was shocked...
Vulturine Guineaflowl, Vulturine Guineaflowl photos, Kenya birds, birding in Kenya, Vulturine Guineaflowl in Kenya, guineafowl, guineafowl in Africa

Blue Velvet

To see this bright blue large bird in the yellowish background...
ring-billed gull, ring-billed gull photos, gulls in Canada, Canada birds, birding in Canada, Newfoundland birds

Ring-billed Gull

Captured this image of a ringed-billed gull that posed for me while...
western swamphen, western samphem photos, swamphens, birding in India, India wildlife, birds in India, Mangalajodi

Purple Swamphen

A smooth background always adds something extra to an image. Check out...
chinstrap penguin, chinstrap penguin photos, Antarctica, Antarctica wildlife, Antarctica penguins, fur seal, fur seal photos, South Georgia, South Georgia wildlife, St. Andrew's Bay, St. Andrew's Bay wildlife

Chinstrap Argues with Fur Seal

It seems this chinstrap has a lot to say....
black-headed gull, black-headed gull photos, gulls in England, birding in England, birds in England, wildlife in England, Surrey wildlife, Surrey birds

So Cold You Can See the Song

When it is so cold you can see the song. Early...
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