ring-billed gull, ring-billed gull photos, gulls in Canada, Canada birds, birding in Canada, Newfoundland birds

Ring-billed Gull

Captured this image of a ringed-billed gull that posed for me while...
western swamphen, western samphem photos, swamphens, birding in India, India wildlife, birds in India, Mangalajodi

Purple Swamphen

A smooth background always adds something extra to an image. Check out...
chinstrap penguin, chinstrap penguin photos, Antarctica, Antarctica wildlife, Antarctica penguins, fur seal, fur seal photos, South Georgia, South Georgia wildlife, St. Andrew's Bay, St. Andrew's Bay wildlife

Chinstrap Argues with Fur Seal

It seems this chinstrap has a lot to say....
black-headed gull, black-headed gull photos, gulls in England, birding in England, birds in England, wildlife in England, Surrey wildlife, Surrey birds

So Cold You Can See the Song

When it is so cold you can see the song. Early...
great horned owl, great horned owl photos, Tennessee wildlife, Tennessee birds


This was an owl I came across several years ago. It...
whiskered tern, whiskered tern photos, India birds, birding in India, terns in India, white tern, tern fishing, whiskered tern fishing, Orissa, Mangalajodi

Whiskered Tern With a Fish Catch

This tern was hovering round the water searching for fish. I...
carolina wren, carolina wren photos, wrens, wren photos, wrens in Florida, carolina wrens in Florida, birding in Florida, birds with flowers

Flower Appreciation

Moving about abruptly, Carolina wrens are more often heard than seen,...
grey junglefowl, grey junglefowl photos, birding in India, birds in India, Kerala, India wildlife

Male Wearing Ornaments

The grey junglefowl (Gallus sonneratii), also known as Sonnerat's junglefowl, is...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in america, America's national bird, birding in Washington, Washington wildlife

Bald Eagle Wingspan

I love the wingspan with the background bokeh—this was taken at...
green bee-eater, green bee-eater photos, bee-eaters in India, India birding, birding in India, Telangana, green bee-eaters in India

Cross Connection

Two green bee-eaters are sitting together....
waxwing, waxwing photos, birding in England, birding in Lancashire


It was nice to see waxwings back in the UK....
snowy owl, snowy owl photos, owl, owl photos, birds in the US, owls in the US, snowy owls in the US, New York wildlife, New York birds, Buffalo Harbor State Park, snowy owls in New York, birding in New York

Hedwig's Flight

I was watching this snowy owl (who seemed undisturbed by other...
king penguin, king penguin photos, penguin, penguin photos, Antarctica wildlife, penguins in Antarctica, South Georgia Island, South Georgia Island wildlife, South Georgia Island penguins, fur seal, fur seal photos, St. Andrew's Bay

King Penguin Arguing with Fur Seal

These two look like they are having a talk....
owl, owl photos, screech owl, screech owl photos, eastern screech owl, red-phase eastern screech owl, birds in illinois, birds in the US, owls in illinois, owls in the US

Red Phase Eastern Screech-Owl

Red phase Eastern screech-owl in tree....
little blue heron, great blue heron photos, great blue heron nesting, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Eye to Eye

A fish comes eye-to-eye with its fate with a little blue...
kingfisher, kingfisher photos, common kingfisher, common kingfisher photos, India birds, India wildlife, telangana


Portrait of a kingfisher....
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in Washington, America's national bird, birding in Washington, Washington wildlife

The Perfect Fishing

This is one of the photos that I was looking for—the...
lilac-breasted roller, lilac-breasted roller photos, lilac-breasted roller in Kenya, Kenya wildlife, birding in Kenya, Maasai Mara, wildlife in Maasai Mara, birds in Maasai Mara, birds in Kenya

Lilac-breasted Roller

My very beloved lilac-breasted roller welcomed me in my last trip...
osprey, osprey photos, Florida birding, birding in Florida, birds in Florida

Soft Landing

Two osprey are in the act of a controlled landing with...
weaver, weaver photos, Southern masked weaver, Southern masked weaver photos, Kenya birds, birding in Kenya, weavers in Kenya

Weaver Bird in Loisaba

The southern masked weaver nests in colonies, mainly from September to...
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