Kentucky / Cardinal in the Snow

Cardinal in the Snow

This picture captures a bright red cardinal sitting in a patch...
Great Egret , Chincoteague National Park, United States of America

Hard to Reach Places

Great Egret in the Chincoteague, Virginia marsh....
Spotted Owl, Owl, Spotted Owls, India, Images of Spotted Owls, Spotted Owl Photos

Peek - a - Boo

Spotted owlets are lousy nest makers and will make any hole...
Woodpecker, Woodpeckers, Pennsylvania, Pileated Woodpecker, Images of Pileated Woodpeckers,

Pennsylvania Pileated Woodpecker

I found this guy in a group of three other woodpeckers....
Birding, Egret, Great Egret, Egrets, Great Egrets, Florida, Egret Photos, Great Egret Images


In among plant life along the shoreline of Lake Jessup located...
Double-toothed Barbet, Barbet, Birding,

Nice Teeth!

We had the afternoon off in Bahir Dar. I decided to...
Bald Eagle, Bald Eagles, Eagle, Eagles, Virginia, Birding, Images of Eagles, Bald Eagle Photos


Bald eagle determined and focused on catching breakfast! Check out Justin's...
Puffin, Puffins, Fair Isla, Scotland, Images of Puffins, Puffin Photos

Rainy Day

It was a wet day on the cliffs of Fair Isle,...
Osprey, Ospreys, Birding, Florida, Seminole County, Images of Ospreys, Osprey Photos

Landing Imminent

An osprey is about to land in a cypress tree in...
Purple Sunbird, Sunbird, Sunbirds, India, Images of Sunbirds, Purple Sunbird Photos

The Beautiful Blue

This photo was taken in my residential complex on the outskirts...
Birds, Birding, Israel


Evening at Rosh-Ha'ayin near the hills of the Shomron 20 km...
Shorebirds, Shorebird, Florida, Images of Shorebirds, Shorebird Photos. Birding

Order of Business

Three shorebirds come together and line up on the shoreline of...
Birding, Storks, Yellow Billed Storks Spoonbills, African Spoonbills, Images of Storks, Spoonbill Photos

Flight Over The Zambezi

While on safari in Zambia, we spent time on the Zambezi...
Pelicans, Pelican, White Pelicans White Pelican, Florida, Images of White pelicans, White Pelican Photos

White Pelican Eye

I love closer shots to wildlife allowing me to discover the...
Ducks, Duck, Ruddy Duck, Ruddy Ducks, California, Ballona Wetlands, Images of Ruddy Ducks, Ruddy Duck Photos, Birding

Ruddy Duck Reflection

Ruddy Duck with clear image reflection on pond at Ballona Wetlands...
Flamingo, Flamingos, Birding, Florida, Images of Flamingos, Flamingo Photos

Hiding In Plain Sight

The pink flamingo's contrast with the green tall grass is a...
Great Blue heron, Heron, Herons, Great Blue Herons, Texas, Birding, Images of Herons, Heron Photos

Before the Rain

I was hoping to get some good shots when I noticed this...
Hawk, Harris Hawk, Hawks, Harris Hawks, Colorado, Harris Hawk Photos, Images of Harris Hawks

Harris Hawk

Harris Hawk taking off to hunt for a meal he spotted....
Eagle, Eagles, Bald Eagle, Bald Eagles, Maryland, Images of Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle Photos

Eagle Catch

A bald eagle fishing in the Susquehanna River below Conowingo Dam....
Hummingbird, Hummingbirds, Allen's Hummingbird, Birding, California, Photos of Hummingbirds, Hummingbird Images

Rainbow Wings

A surprise capture of a rainbow on Allen's hummingbirds wings at...
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