Limpkin, Limpkins, Florida, Images of Limpkins, Limpkin Photos, Birding

Duplicate Help

With the help of an underwater counterpart, limpkin observes the surrounding...
Ducks, Wood Ducks Duck, Images of Wood Ducks, Wood Duck Photos, New York, Birding

The Take Off

Two male wood ducks taking off in Downing Park, Newburgh NY....
Egrets, Egret Family, Florida, Images of Egrets, Egret Family Photos

Mom and Family

Egret Family portrait....
Egret, Egrets, Great Egret, Florida, Photos of Great Egrets on Water, Great Egret Images

Great Egret Water-Walking at Sunrise

Sunrise over the lake illuminated this great egret fishing....
Pelicans, Pelican, Arkansas, photos of Pelicans, Pelican Images, Birding

Three of a Kind

Three pelicans on a log. This log was very popular for...
Allen's Hummingbird, Hummingbird, Images of Hummingbirds, Hummingbird Photos, California, Hummingbird

Quick Stop for Nectar

Allen's Hummingbird stopping and hovering over a flower searching for nectar....
Eagles, Bald Eagles, Maryland, Susquehanna River, Images of Eagles Fishing, Bald Eagle Photos

Nailed It!

I recently visited one of my favorite places to shoot, the...
Heron, Herons, Black Crowned Night Heron, Pennsylvania, Images of Herons, Black Crowned Night Heron Photos

Black Crowned Night Heron in Flight

There is a rookery near me and every year a group...
Grand Tetons, Kestrel, American Kestrel, Wyoming, Birding, Kestrels, Images of American Kestrels, Kestrel Images

On the Hunt

I watched this American Kestrel hunting in the early evening in...
Pelican, Pelicans, Brown Pelican, Photos of Brown Pelicans, Florida, Birding, Brown Pelican Images

Brown Pelican

This photo was taken in Port Orange, FL. at DJ's Deck...
Wood Duck, Wood Ducks, Ducks, Photos of Wood Ducks, Canada Wildlife, Images of Wood Ducks, Birding

Colorful Male Wood Duck

The photo was taken in early morning, while the duck was...
Peacocks, Birding, Photos of Peacocks, Farm at Walnut Creek, Peacock Images, Peacocks

Look at Me!

I took this photo of a displaying peacock at The Farm...
Wild Keel Billed Toucan, Toucans, Costa Rica Birds, Costa Rica, Images of Toucans, TWild Keeled Toucan Photos

Sharing Breakfast Together

Wild keel-billed toucan female receiving breakfast banana bite from male, early...
Owl, Owls, Owl in A Tree, Photos of Owls, Owls in California, Barn Owl Barn Owls

Barn Owl

Barn owl in Pear Tree....
Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, Elephant Seals, Antarctica Wildlife, Seals, Images of Seals and Penguins, Gentoo Penguin Photos

Elephant Seals & Gentoo

As I was watching a Gentoo walk along a beach on...
Penguins, Antarctica, Penguin, Images of Penguins in Antarctica, Penguin Photos

California Dreaming

Antarctica penguin staring into the ice. Mountaineering through Antarctica in January 2019....
Birding, California Shore Birds, Bird Photos, Willet, Willets, Images of Willets, Willets Finding Clams

Caught One

Willet catching a sand crab on Manhattan Beach....
Eagle, Washington State, Birding, Eagles, Eagle Owl, Eagle Owl in Flight, Eagle Owls

Eagle Owl Takeoff

An eagle owl Seattle, Washington....
Penguins, Penguin, Antarctica Penguins, Antarctica, Imagesof Chinstrap Penguins, Chinstrap Penguin Photos

Coming Right At You

We made our last landing of the trip at Robert Point...
Bluebird Chicks, Bluebirds, Birding, Images of Bluebird nest, Photos of Bluebird Chicks, Florida Bluebirds

Four Hungry Mouths to Feed

This photo was taken of two-day-old bluebird babies in a bluebird...
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