Gazelle, Gazelles, Kenya, Masai Mara, Images of Gazelles, Gazelle Photos

Gazelle Standoff

Two young gazelles growing up and playing in Kenya....
Elephants, Elephant, Amboseli, Kenya, Elephant photos, Images of Elephants

Amboseli Elephants

After an overwhelming drought, these guys came back; overwhelming and awesome....
Mongoose, Grey Mongoose, India, Images og Grey Mongooses, Grey Mongoose Photos

That Was Yummy!

It was a cold winter morning and I was returning from...
Hyena, Hyenas, Botswana, Moremi Game Reserve, Images of Hyenas, Hyena Photos

Angry Hyena

I don’t think the hyena liked us approaching her with our...
Sea Lions, Channel Islands, California, Sea Lion, Images of Sea Lions, Sea Lion Photos

Sun Soak

Sea Lions taken on a whale-watching trip near Channel Islands, California....
Goats, Goat, Mountain Goat, Mountain Goats, Glacier National Park, Montana, Images of Mountain Goats, Mountain Goat Photos

Goat Cheese

I was sitting on a rock in Glacier National Park and...
Whales, Gray Whale, Gray Whales, Mexico, Images of Gray Whales, Gray Whale Photos

Nice Ride

Mother and calf gray whale in San Ignacio, Mexico....
Hyena, Hyenas, Spotted Hyena, Tanzania, Photos of Hyenas, Spotted Hyena Images

Shake it Off

A spotted hyena shaking off tsetse flies in Ndutu Conservation Area,...
Right Whales, Whales, Whale, Right Whale, Australia, Images of Right Whales, Right Whale Photos


I was shooting photographs of Canal Rocks in Australia when all of...
Koala, Koalas, Australia, Images of Koala Bears, Koala Bear Photos


While driving along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, I...
Bear, Bears, Brown Bears, Alaska Brown Bear, Salmon, Pink Salmon, Alaska, Images of Brown Bears, Brown Bear Images

Alaska Brown Bear Lunch

This shot was taken in Katmai National Park, Alaska. This male...
Polar Bear, Polar Bears, Kaktovik, Alaska, Bears, Images of Polar Bears, Polar Bear Images

Standing Tall

A female polar bear stands to her full height in Alaska....
Lion, Lions, Tanzania, Ngorangora Crater National Park, Lion Photos, Images of Lions

King of the Beasts

This guy was limping toward his pride, approximately 80 yards away....
Bighorn Sheep, Montana, Images of Bighorn Sheep, Bighorn Sheep Photos

Bighorn Sheep

This photo was taken late afternoon in Yellowstone National Park. The...
Moose, Wild Moose, Canada, Images of Moose, Moose Photos,

Wild Moose Chase

Running bull moose in northern Alberta....
Warthogs, Tanzania, Warthog, Carmine Bee Eaters, Bee Eaters, Birding, Images of Warthogs, Bee Eater Images, Warthog Photos

The Beauty and the Beast

The very beautiful and colorful just love Pumbaa the Warthog. It...
Elephants, Elephant, Kenya, Amboseli Lake, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos

African Elephants

A day at Ambolesi Lake watching majestic African elephants....
Bears, Polar Bears, Polar Bear. Churchill, Canada, Images of Polar Bears, Polar Bear Photos

Waking Up

This photo was taken during a Natural Habitat Classic Polar Bear...
Monkey, Colobus Monkey,Ethiopia, Colobus Monkey's Images of Colobus Monkey's, Colobus Monkey Photos

Safety in Mom’s Arms

A baby colobus monkey in the reassuring safety of mom's arms....
Lion, Lions, Kenya, Images of Lions, Lion Photos

Regal Lions

This mother and cub, laid on the mound as if the...
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