Caribou, Woodland Caribou, Yukon, Canada, Images of Caribou, Caribou Photos

Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou roaming on the fringe of the boreal forest....
Grey Whale, Whales, Whale, Grey Whales, Baja California, Mexico, Whale Photos, Grey Whale Images

Grey Whale on Surface

A grey whale on the surface interacting with visitors to Magdalena...
Sloth, Sloths, Three-Toed Sloth, Three - Toed Sloths, Panama, Images of Sloths, Three Toed Sloth Photos

Hanging on to Mom

I’ve always wanted to see sloths in the wild and feel...
Seals, Crabeater Seal, Crabeater Seals, Antarctica, Images of Crabeater Seals, Crabeater Seal Photos

Open Wide

Crabeater seal yawning while hauled out onto a piece of ice....
Elephant, Elephants, Kenya, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos, Masai Mara


Lone, young, male elephant at sunset in Masai Mara....
Horses, Horse, Mustangs, Colorado, Images of Wild Horses, Wild Mustang Photos,

Settling Differences

Two mustang stallions working out their differences at a waterhole in...
Wild Dogs, Wild Dog, Tanzania, Photos of Wild Dogs, Wild Dog Images

Curious, Thirsty Wild Dogs

We met this amazing animal a week ago in Selous. It...
Lion, Lioness, Lions, Kenya, Images of Lions, Lioness Photos

Portrait of a Lioness

Portrait of a lioness before she started stalking a herd of...
Bison, Buffalo, American Buffalo, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Images of Bison, Bison Photos

Dueling Bison

While on a workshop in West Yellowstone National Park in January...
Elephant, Elephants, Kenya, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos, Masai Mara National Park,

Me Being Me

A young male elephant enjoying dinner at dusk in Kenya....
Zebra, Zebras, Kenya, Images of Zebras, Zebra Photos

Tira - The Polka Dotted Zebra

The one and only polka-dotted Zebra foal, that has taken the...
Whales, Whale, Humpback Whales, Humpback Whale, Mexico, Photos of Whales, Humpback Images

Humpback Dance

Humpback whale breaches of Punta Mita, Mexico....
Seal, Seals, Weddell Seal, Weddell Seals, Antarctica, Images of Weddell Seals, Weddell Seal Photos

Snoozing Seal

Taken on Natural Habitat Adventure's"Sailing Antarctica: The Ultimate Polar Nature Expedition"...
Leopard, Leopards, India, Images of Leopards, Leopard Photos


A male leopard patrols his territory at the Tadoba Andhari National...
Whale Shark, Whale Sharks, Mexico, Whales, Images of Whale Sharks, Whale Shark photos

Whale Shark Smile

A whale shark closeup while he was looking for food in...
Seal, Seals, Crabeater Seal, Crabeater Seals, Images of Seals, Crabeater Seal Photos

Lazy Day

Crabeater seal lounging on the ice. This image was taken on...
Bison, American Bison, Montana, Photos of Bison, Bison Images

Guarding Old Faithful

Pasture of bison beside Old Faithful In Yellowstone National Park....
Polar Bear, Bears, Churchill, Polar Bears, Canada, Images of Polar Bears, Polar Bear Photos

Churchill Polar Bear

We came upon this polar bear digging for kelp. The shadows...
White Footed Fox, Fox, Foxes, India, Images of Foxes, White Footed Fox Photos

Hardcore Desert Dweller

The white-footed fox (Vulpes vulpes pusilla), also known as the desert...
Beaver, Beavers, American Beaver, Wyoming, Images of Beavers, Beaver Photos

American Beaver

American beaver tail slap. Check out Greg's website for more of...
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