May 1, 2020

The Balancing Act

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May 1, 2020
The Balancing Act

Species: Common Indian Tree Frog (Polypedates maculatus) | Location: Buxa Tiger Reserve, India

I visited Buxa Tiger reserve for documentation of arthropods. I was in the banks of the Jayanti River and started walking along its shore. This is when I spotted this tree frog in a bush.

I hung around for a while and, for about an hour or so, it moved around in a region where it was a little dark because of the dense canopy. Then it came down to the road where it spent another hour or so and then jumped up this creeper fern plant. The frog was moving 3-4 feet above on a branch and I lay on the ground looking up to capture the exposed belly.

I wanted to capture its overall beauty and unique behaviour in its natural habitat. It showed me a variety of amazing postures and I could record a range of portraits out of which I picked this one “scratching its belly” for submission.

About The Photographer

Cropped self image

I undertake photo documentation of smaller life forms, specially arthropods with the objective of raising awareness on the vital role played by them in sustaining our ecosystems.

I have a deep association and engagement with nature since childhood. I was born and brought in the Saranda forests in West Singbhum, Jharkhand in India which gave me the opportunity which built an immense attraction towards natural phenomena and its myriad manifestations. Observing natural history was an integral part of daily life.

I am using a camera since 1987. I have trained under wildlife photographers of National & International repute and I have an expertise in macro photo documentation.


1. Image of “Bee Assassin bug with bee kill” published in Sanctuary Asia magazine in the 'Photo feature' section in February 2020

2. Image of “Common Indian Tree frog scratching it’s belly” was awarded Gold medal (student’s category) in Chhayapath Annual Salon, 2019, Kolkata, India

3. Image of “Common Indian Tree frog scratching it’s belly” obtained “Acceptance” in the 7th Kolkata Creative Art (KCA) National Salon, 2019, which counts for any photographic distinction being conferred by the Federation of Indian Photography (FIP).

4. Image of “Green Mantis” was awarded “Best Creative Photograph” in Freeze Frame, 2019, West Bengal, India

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