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puffin, puffin photos, Atlantic puffin, Atlantic puffin photos, Iceland wildlife, birding in Iceland, puffins in Iceland

Fly By

Little puffin glides by off the cliffs of Iceland. Visit Leigh's...
heugilins gull, gull photos, middle eastern wildlife, birds in the middle east, birds in Bahrain

Morning Glory

Winter mornings have awesome colours in Bahrain. Every day, sunrise patterns differ with...
Gelada monkey, gelada monkey photos, Ethiopian monkey, monkeys in Ethiopia, baby gelada monkey, Simien Mountains

Getting Ready for Bed

Mother and baby gelada pausing at the cliff's edge before descending...
warthog, warthog photos, warthogs in Tanzania, bee eaters, carmine bee-eaters, bee eaters in Tanzania

The Beauty and the Beast

The very beautiful and colorful Carmine bee-eaters just love Pumbaa the...
roseate spoonbill, roseate spoonbill photos, spoonbills in Florida, Florida birding, birding in Florida, pink birds in Florida

Light My Fire

Roseate spoonbill in flight. Image taken in Florida, USA. This bird...
brown bear, grizzly bear, brown bear photos, grizzly bear images, Katmai National Park, Katmai National Park wildlife, united states wildlife photos, Alaska wildlife, Alaska bears, Alaska photos, bear cub

Mamma With Her Cub

Coastal brown bear mother and cub in Katmai National Park....
cormorant, cormorant photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birding, birds in Florida, cormorants in Florida, Wakodahatchee wetlands


The eye color of a cormorant! I love the colors the...
tiger photos, bengal tiger photos, tiger, bengal tiger, Deep Rajwar, india wildlife, india wildlife photos

I Am Watching You

In the jungle, 99% of the time a tiger can see...
barred owl, barred owl photo, owl, owl photo, Texas birding, birding in Texas, owls hunting

Taking Dinner to the Nest

A male barred owl after a successful hunt is taking a...
cheetah, cheetah photos, cheetahs in Botswana, Botswana wildlife, big cats in Botswana, Mashatu, Mashatu wildlife

Crossing the Rocks

This lone cheetah was crossing the rocks in front of me...
sea otter, sea otter photos, sea otter images, Alaska sea otter, California wildlife, California marine life, Morro Bay, Morro Bay wildlife

Peekaboo Otter

Such a joy watching these precious sea otters frolicking in the...
butterfly, butterflies, pipevine swallowtail, swallowtail, texas, texas wildlife, butterflies in texas, blue butterflies

Pipevine Swallowtail

Beautiful spring day when all the swallowtails decided to come out...
Ibis, White Ibis, Florida, Birding, White Ibis Photos, Images of White Ibis

Controlled Approach

With a single goal in site, a white ibis has perfect...
Whales, Whale, Humpback Whale, Mexico, Photos of Whales, Whale Images

Close Call

A gorgeous day in Puerto Vallarta that was perfect for watching...
Bison, Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, Images of Bison, Bison Photos

Yellowstone Bison

I took this photo while in Yellowstone National Park on January...
Gazelle, Gazelles, Kenya, Masai Mara, Images of Gazelles, Gazelle Photos

Gazelle Standoff

Two young gazelles growing up and playing in Kenya....
Alligator, Alligators, Florida, Images of Alligators, Alligator Photos

I See You

Gator along the northwest shore of the Lake Hancock which borders...
Great Blue Heron, Heron, Herons, Great Blue Herons, Oregon, Birding,Photos of Herons, Heron Images

Catch of the Day

I had been watching this heron for some time and had...
Owl. Owls. Northern Pygmy Owl, British Colombia, Owl Photos, Images of Pygmy Owls, Canada

Cute as a Button

These tiny raptors are so small they aren't easy to find....
Elephants, Elephant, Amboseli, Kenya, Elephant photos, Images of Elephants

Amboseli Elephants

After an overwhelming drought, these guys came back; overwhelming and awesome....
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