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Polar Bear, Polar Bears, Canada, Churchill, Manitoba, Images of Polar Bears. Polar Bear Photos, Tundra

Look...We Have Company Coming

We were in the rover and saw two polar bears sitting...
Lion, India, Lions, India Wildlife, Images of Lions, Lion Photos

The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

It was a hot summer day ,we were in the Gir...
Grand Tetons, Kestrel, American Kestrel, Wyoming, Birding, Kestrels, Images of American Kestrels, Kestrel Images

On the Hunt

I watched this American Kestrel hunting in the early evening in...
Chile, Patagonia, Cats of Chile, Images of Pumas. Puma, Pumas, Puma Photos

Patagonian Puma

I captured this image late one afternoon while staying at a...
Bighorn, Bighorn Sheep, Montana, Images of Bighorn Sheep, Bighorn Sheep Photos

In the Eyes of a Bighorn

Driving on a dirt road near Gardiner, Montana, I came across...
Guanaco, Guanacos, Chile, Sunrise in Chile, Images of Guanaco's, Guanaco Photos

Guanaco at Sunrise

I captured this image early one morning in Southern Patagonia outside...
Pelican, Pelicans, Brown Pelican, Photos of Brown Pelicans, Florida, Birding, Brown Pelican Images

Brown Pelican

This photo was taken in Port Orange, FL. at DJ's Deck...
Alaska, Brown Bears, Alaska Bears, Grizzly Bears, Photos of Brown Bears, Alaska Bear Images,

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear, Clamming

Alaskan coastal brown bear looking for clams. Check out Gary's website...
Hermit Crabs, Crabs, Hermit Crab Florida, Photos of Hermit Crabs, Hermit Crab Images

Hermit the Crab

A hermit crab under the Jensen Beach causeway in Florida....
Wood Duck, Wood Ducks, Ducks, Photos of Wood Ducks, Canada Wildlife, Images of Wood Ducks, Birding

Colorful Male Wood Duck

The photo was taken in early morning, while the duck was...
Iguanas, Iguana, Florida, Images of Iguanas, Iguana Photos

Catching Some Sun

This iguana was enjoying the warmth of the sun along a...
Peacocks, Birding, Photos of Peacocks, Farm at Walnut Creek, Peacock Images, Peacocks

Look at Me!

I took this photo of a displaying peacock at The Farm...
Butterflies, Peacock Butterfly, Photos of Peacock Butterflies, Peacock Butterfly Images, Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock butterfly enjoying a spring dandelion....
Leopards, Leopard, Kenya, African Cats, Images of Leopards, Kenya Leopard Photos, Leopard in a Tree, East African Leopards


On our early morning drive, our guide/driver (Godfrey) heard monkey calls....
Antarctica, Orca, Orcas, Photos of Orcas, Orca Whale Images, Antarctica Whales

Orca Rising

We were in Antarctica and saw a group of Orcas trying...
Elephants, Kenya, Photos of Elephants Kenya Elephants, Images of Elephants in Kenya, Elephant

Elephant Ruckus

I believe what we are seeing is a coming of age...
Wild Keel Billed Toucan, Toucans, Costa Rica Birds, Costa Rica, Images of Toucans, TWild Keeled Toucan Photos

Sharing Breakfast Together

Wild keel-billed toucan female receiving breakfast banana bite from male, early...
Costa Rica, Frogs, Frog, Images of Frogs, Red Eyed Tree Frog, Photos of Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Tree Frogs

Love is All You Need

I find the red eyes and the bright green upper body...
Whales, Whale, Spyhopping Whales, Photos of Whales in Antarctica, Whale Images, Antarctica Whales


We were zodiac cruising in Charlotte Bay, Antarctica, looking for whales....
Glass Wing Butterfly, Butterflies, Belize, Photos of Glass Wing Butterflies, Butterfly Images, Belize Butterflies

Glass Wing Butterfly

Glass wing butterfly perched on a leaf....
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