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Pretty in Purple

I noticed this wren darting in and out of my garage...
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Pink Peaking

The roseate spoonbill is unmistakable due to its pink flamboyant color...
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Great Gray Owl In Winter Snow

A great gray owl perches on a branch in the winter snow....
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Chick Time

This mama had twins, but this one is getting all the...
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Snowy Owl

Snowy owl ready for take off. Visit Michael's page for more...
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Lake Star

He likes to be a model....
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Emerald Baby

This juvenile Japanese white eye gets ready to fly off of...
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Courtship ritual of the sandhill crane on the Platte River....
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Pair of Rufous Treepie

The pair of Rufous treepie were playing around for quite sometime, flying...
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Willow Warbler

I took this photo of a willow warbler one morning in...
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Feather Flex

White ibis flexes its feathers revealing the core of its unique...
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Mouth Full

Puffin full of fish checks out his surroundings on the cliffs...
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Roseate Spoonbill at Smith Oaks

Spoonbill early morning at Smith Oaks Rookery, High Island, Texas....
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Late Risers

We had landed at Saunders Island in the Falklands. One of...
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Making the Turn

I was driving south in March last year late in the...
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Sunshine on a Cloudy Morning

A yellow warbler camoflauged in a cucumber magnolia....
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Love in Perch

This photograph was taken on a boat safari in Goa. I was...
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Bald Eagle in Flight at Lake Erie

Bald eagle flying over Lake Erie. Visit Michael's photography page for...
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Down to the Sea

Following the leader. Adelie penguins leap into the Antarctic Sound....
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Serrated Edge

A black vulture plays a vital role in the environment by...
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