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Flying Great Gray Owl

A great gray owl flying over the snowy landscape of Whitby,...
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Black Skimmer Skimming

There were several black skimmers flying around skimming the lighthouse pond...
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The Snowy!

This photo was not taken with Natural Habitat Adventures, but was...
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There were several black-winged stilts searching for food along a flooded...
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Eye On the Prize

A sandhill crane watching his mate....
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I Am a Stump, I Am a Stump

This tawny frogmouth has a perfect sense of place using its camouflage...
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Who Are You?

This was one of these owlets' first jump out of the...
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Curious Penguin

Playful penguins in the Galapagos Islands seemed to enjoy posing for...
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Martial Eagle

The martial eagle is one of the largest eagles in the...
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Spoon Fight

Two roseate spoonbill birds fighting over a spot on a perch....
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Great Migration

Every year over 6-400,000 sandhill cranes congregate along an 80-mile stretch...
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Looking One Way

I spent three months with these owls from the time they...
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Great Blue Heron with Fish

The great blue heron was flipping fish around to swallow and...
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Wood Duck Reflection

The swimming pool in our backyard broke years ago so we...
Cedar Waxwing, Cedar Waxwing photos, Cedar Waxwing in Texas, birding in Texas, birding in the US, Texas wildlife, Denton County wildlife

Bathing Beauties

Cedar waxwings were having a bath in my bird water bowl....
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Green Eyes

Green eyed bird in Florida's Wakodahatchee Wetlands....
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A Lilac Breasted Roller Watching for Bugs in the Grass

By itself, the roller is a beautiful bird, but I thought...
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Walking on Water

Sandhill crane getting a running start so as to takeoff from...
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Who's There

A great horned owl baby (bubo virginianus) looks out past the...
greater prairie chicken, greater prairie chicken photos, Nebraska wildlife, Nebraska birds, United States wildlife, United States birds

Where Oh Where Are the Hens?

The greater prairie chicken used to be a common sight in...
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