dunlin, dunlin photos, Ontario wildlife, Ontario birds, birding in Ontario, Canada birds, birding in Ontario

Dunlin Profile

Laying down on the beach I watched the shorebirds preen, feed...
wood duck, wood duck photos, Pennsylvania ducks, Pennsylvania wildlife, birds in Pennsylvania, birding in Pennsylvania, Lehigh County

My Favorite Wood Duck

I watched this wood duck for hours. I noticed him chasing...
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I came across this mom killdeer on a rainy day. The...
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Barred Owl

This barred owl, nicknamed Sidney, arrives most nights at dinner time...
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Woodpecker In-flight with Seeds Flying

Red-bellied woodpecker in flight after scooping up bird seed....
great horned owl, great horned owl photos, Pennsylvania wildlife, Pennsylvania birds, Ephrata Park, baby owls, baby great horned owl

Mother Great Horned Owl and Owlet

A mother great horned owl and owlet sit in their nest...
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Allen's Hummingbird

Allen's hummingbird hovering vertically while feeding on a flower....
pheasant, pheasant photos, male pheasant, male pheasant photos, Montana wildlife, Montana birds, birding in Montana

Male Pheasant

Male pheasant in the field I was photographing. The pheasants were...
crested hawk eagle, crested hawk eagle photos, Sri Lanka wildlife, Sri Lanka birds, birding in Sri Lanka, Udawalawe National Park, Udawalawe National Park wildlife, Udawalawe National Park birding

Crested Hawk Eagle

Lucky enough to spot this eagle close to the road on...
magpie, magpie photos, Sri Lanka blue magpie, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sinharaja Forest Reserve wildlife, birding in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka birds, birds in Sri Lanka


I was visiting Sri Lanka and had traveled from the north...
wood duck, wood duck photos, Pennsylvania ducks, Pennsylvania wildlife, birds in Pennsylvania, birding in Pennsylvania

Wood Ducks

This is a look through a fallen tree at a handsome...
Tri-colored Heron, Tri-colored Heron photos, heron photos, Florida birds, birding in Florida, herons in Florida

Built-in Sun Shade

A tri-colored heron has a built in sun shade cover made...
mountain bluebird, mountain bluebird photos, Washington wildlife, Washington birds, birding in Washington

Morning Glory

A portrait of a mountain bluebird taken in the early morning....
owl, owl photos, eastern-screech owl, eastern-screech owl photos, birds in the US, birds in Illinois, owls in Illinois, birding in the US

Eye Contact

Owl looking for a portrait to be taken....
long-tailed tit, long-tailed tit photos, Cairngorms National Park, Cairngorms National Park wildlife, Cairngorms birding, Scotland wildlife, Scotland birding, birding in Scotland, long-tailed tits in Scotland

Long-tailed Tit

My wife and I visited the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland and...
hummingbird, hummingbird photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, american hummingbirds, California birds, California wildlife, Anna's hummingbird, Anna's hummingbird photos

Hummingbird Enjoying the Rain

Hummingbird enjoying the rain in Atascadero, California after a recent rain...
snow geese, snow goose, snow geese photos, snow goose photos, birding in the US, Pennsylvania wildlife, Pennsylvania birding

A Screen Full of Snow Geese

In February at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area snow geese invade...
mountain bluebird, mountain bluebird photos, Montana wildlife, Montana birds, birding in Montana

Mountain Bluebird

A male mountain bluebird waiting out the storm. They were feeding...
vulture, vulture photos, cape vulture, cape vulture photos, South Africa, South Africa wildlife, birding in South Africa, South Africa birding, Kwazulu Natal, Giants Castle

Coming in Hot

The Cape vulture is an aggressive scavenger at carcasses and listed...
puffin, puffin photos, Atlantic puffin, Atlantic puffin photos, Canada wildlife, Canada wildlife photos, puffins in Canada, Quebec wildlife, Ile de Mignants wildlife

3-Way Kiss

Sometimes nature photography is not about chasing your subject but watching...
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