South American Tern, South American Tern photos, birding in South America, birding in Ecuador, Guayaquil, terns in Ecuador, terns in South America

Got Lunch

It was between trips and we were anchored near Guayaquil, Ecuador....
grey-crowned crane, grey-crowned crane photos, Tanzania wildlife, Tanzania birds, Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Crater photos, Ngorongoro Crater wildlife photos, Africa safari, Tanzania safari

On Feathered Wings

The plumage on the crowned crane is exquisite and their brilliant...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in america, America's national bird, birding in New York, New York wildlife


A subadult bald eagle takes a pause for a moment from...
downy woodpecker, downy woodpecker photos, birding in North Carolina, North Carolina birding

The Black and White Spots

The male downy woodpecker is a gorgeous bird from the woodpecker family....
short-eared owl, short-eared owl photos, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania wildlife, Pennsylvania birds, owls in Pennsylvania, birding in Pennsylvania

Short-eared Owl

A short-eared owl makes eye contact as is flies close by...
Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler photos, birding in Florida, birds in Florida, birding in the US

Yellow Flare

The main colorful flare of a yellow-rumped warbler is a yellow...
scops owl, scops owl photos, owls, owls in Africa, owls in South Africa, South african birding, birding in South Africa, Kruger National Park wildlife, birding in Kruger, bird photography, owl photography

The Stare

I was on a bird photography trip in South Africa. We...
White-breasted Nuthatch, White-breasted Nuthatch photos, White-breasted Nuthatch in North Carolina, birding in the US, birding in North Carolina

Nuthatch Fall Portrait

The white-breasted nuthatch mostly hangs or clings up-side down along branches....
humming bird, humming bird images, humming bird photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, american hummingbirds, California birds, California wildlife, Allen's hummingbird

Sitting Pretty

Allen's hummingbird perched on a twig displaying its beautiful colors....
kookaburra, kookaburra photos, Australia wildlife, Australia birds, birding in Australia

Laughing Kookaburra

I captured this kookaburra in a small nature reserve....
black skimmer, black skimmer photos, Florida birds, birding in Florida, St. Marks National Wildlife Reserve, Florida wildlife

Black Skimmer

A black skimmer skimming the pond looking for a meal....
common loon, common loon photos, ducks, duck photos, baby ducks, common loon baby, common loon chick, Washington wildlife, Washington birds, birding in Washington, Colville National Forest

I Believe I Can Fly

A common loon and chick in the Colville National Forest in...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in america, America's national bird, birding in Oklahoma, Oklahoma wildlife

Bald Eagle in Oklahoma

Bald eagle next to an Oklahoma road....
cardinal, cardinal photos, male cardinal, male cardinal photos, New Hampshire wildlife, New Hampshire birds, birding in the US, birding in New Hampshire

A Pop of Color in a Winter Wonderland

We are fortunate enough to live in an area where a...
Hooded Merganser, Hooded Merganser photos, Hooded Merganser duck, birding in North Carolina, North Carolina wildlife, North Carolina birding

Duck Reflections

The hooded merganser is a winter visitor to the Carolinas. It...
Great green macaw, Hybrid Macaw, Great green macaw photos,  Hybrid Macaw photos, macaws in Costa Rica, birds in Costa Rica, Costa Rica birding


A lucky shot! Macaws in flight during Nat Hab's Photographing Wild Costa...
serpent eagle, serpent eagle photos, eagle prey, India wildlife, India birds, India birding, Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

In The End... That Final Look

This juvenile serpent eagle tucks into its live supper even as...
tufted titmouse, tufted titmouse photos, birding in the US, Kentucky birds, birding in Kentucky


A tufted titmouse perches on a tree branch. Check out Adam's...
kingfisher, kingfisher photos, common kingfisher, common kingfisher photos, India birds, India wildlife, Pondicherry

Common Kingfisher

On a pilgrimage visit to my native home, I took time...
Pine Warbler, Pine Warbler photos, birding in North Carolina, North Carolina birds

The Yellow in the Vast Blue

The male pine warbler has a brilliant yellow plumage. When the...
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