sea lion, sea lion photos, sea lion images, sea lions in California, California wildlife, San Diego wildlife, La Jolla Cove

Sea Lion Family

I caught this group of sea lions at La Jolla Cove...
Echidna, Echidna photos, Australia wildlife, Australia wildlife photos, Mornington Peninsula

Sniffing the Air

Whilst out hiking we came across this beautiful echidna, snuffling his...
lion, lion photos, south africa, south africa wildlife, lions in South Africa, Kruger National Park

Hanging Out

I was on the last day of a bird photography trip...
red-back squirrel monkey, red-back squirrel monkey photos, wildlife in Costa Rica, Costa Rica wildlife, monkeys in Costa Rica, primates in Costa Rica, Saimiri oerstedii, Manuel Antonio National Park

Curious George

While enjoying our delicious lunch at a cafe just outside the...
mountain gorilla, mountain gorilla photos, Volcanoes National Park, gorillas in Volcanoes Natioinal Park, Rwanda mountain gorillas, Rwanda wildlife, Volcanoes National Park wildlife, silverback

Silverback Gorilla in Africa

This photo was taken in Rwanda at Volcanoes National Park. After...
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It's Family Time!

It's a family time out here! Fig (the mother leopard) and...
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That Feels Good...

Nothing feels as good as scratching my ear......
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Leopard in Sunlight

This leopard was basking in the sun enjoying the day....
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White Watcher

While on Nat Hab's Tundra Lodge Adventure near Hudson Bay, our Polar...
Ugandan Kob, Ugandan Kob photos, Uganda wildlife, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Queen Elizabeth wildlife, national parks in uganda, antelope in Uganda

Ugandan Kob

I was on safari in Uganda and we were looking for...
zebra, zebra images, zebra photos, kenya wildlife, kenya wildlife images, kenya wildlife photos, zebras in kenya, african safari wildlife, kenya safari wildlife, kenya safari wildlife photos, maasai mara

Afternoon Delight

A zeal of zebras taking an afternoon walk....
deer, deer photos, deer images, doe, doe photos, fawn photos, united states wildlife, Washington wildlife

Doe and Fawn

A doe and fawn stand in the snow in Washington....
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Resting on a Rock

My group visited the lions atop a large rock formation in...
moose, bull moose, moose photos, bull moose photos, Utah, Utah wildlife, moose in Utah, Utah photos, Cottonwood Canyon


While on our way up Cottonwood Canyon for a hike we...
bison, bison photos, bison in Yellowstone, buffalo, buffalo photos, buffalo in Yellowstone, american buffalo, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone wildlife

Frosty Bison

I have wanted to photograph a frost-covered bison, and in January...
camel, camel photos, baby camel, baby camel photos, United Arab Emirates, northern desert, desert animals, wildlife in UAE

Mother's Love

While roaming the desert to photograph wildlife, I came across this...
leopard, leopard photos, leopard images, tanzania wildlife, tanzania wildlife photos, tanzania safari, tanzania safari photos, african safari photos, african cats, leopards in africa, leopards in tanzania

High Alert

Leopard trying to relax. Visit Steve's photography website to see more...
sika deer, sika deer photos, deer in Japan, Japan wildlife, Sounkyo, Hokkaido

Snowy Day

We were traveling to Sounkyo on Hokkaido. Just before we got...
spotted deer, spotted deer photos, Sri Lanka wildlife, Sri Lanka wildlife photos, Wilpattu National Park, Wilpattu National Park wildlife, deer in Sri Lanka

Spotted Deer

A morning drive through Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka brought us...
bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, rocky mountain bighorn sheep photos, bighorn sheep photos, bighorn sheep images, Wyoming wildlife, Wyoming wildlife photos

Crazy Eyes

During the bighorn sheep rut, the rams will literally taste the...
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