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Flying Tiger

A tiger leaps across the water toward land....
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Taking in some sun on a cold day in Canada....
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We were in the Great Bear Rainforest hoping to see spirit...
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Who's There?

I was fortunate to view and photograph this pine marten in...
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Baby Leopard

A baby leopard relaxes in a tree. Visit Steve's photography website...
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Family Photo

A cheetah mother with four cubs get in some quality family...
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Mother Badger

Mama badger keeping a eye on me, making sure I was not...
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I was on a chimpanzee walk in the Kibale Forest National...
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African Bush Elephant

Elephant taking a break from eating. Visit Steve's photography website for more...
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Two young raccoons watch me BBQ in the backyard....
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A Ray of Hope

Happened to be where a lioness had killed a wildebeest, in...
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T39 Family

The T39 family walks together through Ranthambore National Park....
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Waiting Out the Snow

This polar bear was in the bushes, not far from our...
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Pronghorn Pose

Affectionately known as 'speed goats' or 'antelope' in southern Alberta, this...
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Play Time

Lion cubs at play on the Serengeti. Visit Steve's photography website...
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Evening Walk

It was hot summary evening with high humidity. We were traveling around...
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Heads Up!

Bunny in the grass. Visit Russel's website for more photography....
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A Special Moment

A special moment between mom and cub....
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Hwange Elephants

Nursing elephant in the beautiful dappled light of a Hwange sunset,...
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Meet Joya, a wild orangutan baby from the depths of Borneo's...
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