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The Mighty Marmot

The marmot overlooks the snow covered mountain tundra....
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After Lunch

The dominant silverback of his group heads back to the forest...
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Head On

A head-on shot of a tiger walking along a pathway in...
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Yellowstone Bobcat

While on a trip to West Yellowstone in January 2016 our...
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I'm So Happy It's Finally Cold!

Our Nat Hab trip to Churchill, Canada was perfectly timed. While...
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I'm Looking at You!

Vervet monkey in Kenya....
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Pushing the Boundary

Leopard was "mobbed" by topi and one lone wildebeest as he...
flying fox, flying fox photos, Australia wildlife, bats, bat photos, bats in Australia

Flying Fox in Australia

This is one of many photos I took on a vacation...
sea otter, sea otter photos, sea otter images, Alaska sea otter, Alaska wildlife, Alaska marine life, Homer

So Who Are You Looking at!

This amazing and cute sea otter appears to be looking and...
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A Hare Hop

The snowshoe hare makes his way through the freshly fallen snow....
capuchin monkey, capuchin monkey photos, Panama wildlife, monkeys in Panama, Panama Canal

Monkeying Around

Capuchin monkey swinging down for a look at the tourists in...
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The Royal Elk

Bull elk during the rutting season at Banff National Park....
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Mom, I Want a Ride

This mama bear had come into the river at Brooks Camp,...
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Baby Leopard

Baby leopard in the Maasai Mara....
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The Little Pika

The little pika stands on top of the rock surveying his...
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King Penguin Arguing with Fur Seal

These two look like they are having a talk....
moose, moose photos, Alaska, Alaska wildlife, moose in Alaska, Alaska photos, Homer wildlife, moose in Homer

Freshly Powdered Nose

Driving down the road in Homer, Alaska, we came across this...
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Affectionately Yours

One white-tailed doe grooming another. Visit Jola's photography website for more...
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Mona Leopard

A leopard's eyes appear to look DIRECTLY at the person from...
moose, bull moose, moose photos, bull moose photos, Alaska, Alaska wildlife, moose in Alaska, Alaska photos, Anchorage wildlife, moose in Anchorage

Mid-town Moose

This large bull moose was in a green-belt area of mid-town...
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