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This is a sub adult male tiger, very aggressive. I saw...
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Posing for His Portrait

This is a banded mongoose, sitting (with numerous other mongooses) on...
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Old male jaguar showing the scars of life....
Coati, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Playful Coati

After tracking and watching a pack of trouble-causing coati with some of...
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Baby Elephant with Some Vegetables

I captured this shot of a baby elephant at Kabini, Karnataka,...
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Lion Lovers

This male lion had been following around the female for hours,...
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Giant Leap

This transient orca has been feeding in the Comox Bay on...
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Relaxing Amongst the Flowers

We were driving along the Beartooth Highway in Montana to the...
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Rangifer tarandus

I tracked this prime example of a caribou and several mates...
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Hope in the Hills

I took this photo in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. I...
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I Finally Caught One

Took this shot several weeks ago on Nat Hab's Ultimate Alaska...
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Blue Butt

Late summer/early fall in Denali National Park, watching this grizzly foraging...
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Tule Elk Bull in the Morning Light

I was making breakfast at sunrise when I saw this tule...
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Going for a Swim

A jaguar swims through the river to get to the other...
mountain goat, Scotland wildlife, mountain goats in Scotland, Glencoe wildlife, Glencoe wildlife photos, Scotland wildlife photos

Mountain Goat Portrait

I was up at Glencoe, Scotland on a photography trip to...
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Mild & Mighty

After getting some information by another guide, our safari guide found...
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Where the Buffalo Roam

We drove into one of the few state parks where there...
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Monkey Talk

This is a squirrel monkey taken just outside Manuel Antonio National...
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Friend or Foe?

We were in Churchill, Manitoba with Natural Habitat Adventures in November 2017...
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Safety in Numbers

Protection to baby bison calf by older and more mature herd...
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