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Who Are You Looking At?

Bison watching the area as young bison are feeding making sure...
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Mama Bear Loving on Her Cubs

This photo was taken in Alaska on a bear watching venture...
jackal, jackal photos, jackals in India, India wildlife, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Indian jackal


A jackal runs through Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India....
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What a Night!

This a member of a three male coalition of cheetahs. Taken...
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Dwellers of the High Country

Mountain goats near ice field in Kenai Fjords, Alaska. Visit Eberhard's photography...
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Baboon Teasing and Fighting

This photo was taken near the Cape of Good Hope in...
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You May Take My Photo Now!

We came by an area of tall grass where others claimed...
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Still Hungry?

While this penguin chick was ready to take on the world,...
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Taken during recent trip in South Africa....
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Canadian Lynx

It was a thrill of a lifetime to capture pictures of...
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Spirit Bear

Spirit bear fishing in the Riordan River in the Great Bear...
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Victory Walk

Red fox in Yellowstone walks away in snow after diving in and...
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The Baby Cheetah

Baby cheetah napping with its siblings while the mother stands on...
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On resent trip to Kenya I went on a morning game drive....
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Where's That Salmon

This Alaskan coastal brown bear was fishing for salmon. She had...
japanese snow monkey, japanese snow monkey photos, Japan wildlife, Japan primates, Jigokudani Monkey Park

Smile (or not)

We had arrived at the monkey park early in the morning....
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Road Block

A rajbhara male tiger rests in the road in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve,...
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Dancing in the Snow

Taken on our first day out on the tundra in the...
wildebeest, wildebeest photos, wildebeest migration, Tanzania migration, Tanzania wildlife, Africa migration, Serengeti National Park, Serengeti wildlife, the great migratioh

The Great Migration

A massive herd of wildebeests crossing a notorious crocodile-infested river in...
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Walk Along the Riverbank

A mother brown bear appears to talking to her cub as...
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