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Mother's Love

Thanks to Nat Hab and Brad Josephs, had an amazing trip...
giant panda, giant panda photos, panda photos, pandas in China, wild pandas, Jiangyou, Chengdu Panda Research Base

The Miracle

My first panda photo at the Panda Research Center in Jiangyou,...
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Munching Moose Frames Himself

A bull moose perfectly frames himself in the trees in Colorado....
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Squirrel for Breakfast

When out on a drive while on safari in Botswana, we...
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Water Crossing

We watched this lioness and her cubs near Busanga Bush Camp...
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Looking at You

I was visiting the gorillas in Bwindi park. The family was...
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The Showdown

A stare down between two polar bears in Churchill, Canada. Visit...
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A Deer in Fairyland

A peaceful deer just showed up in the wood in Yellowstone...
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We had arrived early at the hotel and decided to hike...
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Motherly Love

In Tarangire National Park we unexpectedly came upon a colony of...
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And the Winner Is...

A raccoon thief proudly shows its pleasure in winning some food...
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Biting Bugs

Young buck in Grand Teton National Park biting bugs. Visit Steve's...
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Impala Reflections

This image was taken in the Okavango Delta area of Botswana....
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Taking a Shower

What do you do when you move too slowly to get...
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Mountain Gorilla Close

I was in Bwindi Forest on a gorilla trek. The family...
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Sugar Baby

Sea lions in the Galapagos islands are fearless of humans and...
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Rush to Water

The elephant herd was rushing to get to the water hole...
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I'll Sneak Away Before She Sees Me...

Young marmot in Grand Teton National Park roaming from its home...
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Break Neck Speed

A pair of giraffes engaging in an epic neck battle... These...
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The Stare

We arrived early at our hotel near the monkey park, so...
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