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Baby Gorilla in the DRC

On a tour through Virunga National Park we came across a...
bighorn sheep, rams, bighorn sheep photos, ram photos, Yellowstone wildlife, Yellowstone National Park

The Quest for Food

During a recent trip to Yellowstone, our group ran across a...
elk, bull elk, elk photos, bull elk photos, Montana wildlife, united states wildlife, Slippery Ann Elk Reserve

Bugling Elk

We like to visit the Slippery Ann Refuge in the Missouri...
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Think I'll Take a Little Nap

A bear snoozes at Brooks Fall, Alaska....
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Together for a Cause!

The sun was blazing away on a dull but dusty day!...
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Wet & Cranky

We were in Ngorongoro Crater when, after weeks of no rain,...
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Grizzly Bear Emerging

This brown bear busied himself with collecting dead pink salmon after...
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Leopard departing from his tree at dawn....
red fox, red fox photos, red fox images, wildlife in England, England wildlife, England wildlife photos, Essex

On the Hunt

This fox is one of the sleekest foxes I have ever seen....
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Cheetah Cub

Cheetah cub resting after big feed. His mum had just killed...
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The Careful Siblings

This image was made at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Agarzari...
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Sparring Partners

Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the U.S. where...
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Zebra and Young

Zebra with its young in Kruger National Park....
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A Spirit Bear Tale

This is a spirit bear with the tail of a pink...
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Elephant Charge

Our Nat Hab group was in a boat in the Okavango...
elk, bull elk, elk photos, bull elk photos, Pennsylvania wildlife, united states wildlife, elk bugling

Elk Bugling

A bull elk calls out in Pennsylvania....
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Cubs Stare Down Prey

Following a zebra kill by two adult males, a pride of...
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Wapiti Lake Pack

Heading into YNP on an early morning Bombardier run with fresh...
pelican, pelican photos, american white pelican, american white pelican photos, California birds, California wildlife, birds in California, birds in the US, Lake Balboa, Van Nuys

Mystic Morning

Portrait of an American white pelican preening its feathers in the...
moose, bull moose, moose photos, bull moose photos, Canada, Canada wildlife, moose in Banff, Banff photos

Young Moose

Young moose feeding at the lakeside....
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