cheetah, cheetah photos, cheetahs in Namibia, Namibia wildlife, Namibia wildlife photos, Namibia safari, Africa safari, Okonjima Game Reserve

Resting Cheetah After a Chase

On a bush walk, we tracked and located this wild cheetah...
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Dirty Cubs

These cubs were playing in a wet muddy area and were...
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Look, Mama, How Hungry He Is

It's dinner time in British Columbia when the salmon are running....
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Piece of Earth

An elephant bull kicks debris at the camera in indignation. All...
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Quiet Leopard

We spotted this young leopard resting in a sausage tree while...
elk, bull elk, elk photos, bull elk photos, Utah wildlife, united states wildlife, Summit County

Bull Elk Silhouette

While out looking for wildlife, we spotted this elk strutting along...
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Salmon for Dinner

Brown bear fishing for red sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska....
hippo, Hippopotamus, hippo photos,  Hippopotamus photos, South Africa wildlife, South Africa wildlife photos, Kruger Park wildlife, Kruger wildlife photos, African safari, African safari photos, South Africa safari, crocodile, crocodile photos

I'm Bigger Than You Are

We were on an early morning game drive and light was...
meerkat, meerkat photos, meerkats in Africa, meerkats in South Africa, South Africa wildlife, South Africa safari, African safari

On Guard

Meerkats coming out early in the morning in South Africa....
spotted deer, spotted deer photos, India wildlife, India wildlife photos, Bandipu Tiger Reserve, Bandipur wildlife,

The Stretch

Taken from Bandipur Tiger Reserve in India. Visit Sujith's page for...
tiger photos, tiger, Bandavgarh National Park, Bandavgarh National Park wildlife, Bandavgarh National Park wildlife photos, india wildlife, india wildlife photos


Tigress watching from behind the tree. Clicked at low light conditions....
american bison, bison, bison photos, bison images, buffalo, buffalo photos, buffalo images, yellowstone wildlife, yellowstone wildlife images, united states wildlife, winter yellowstone

Grazing for Winter

One of two bulls grazing along the Madison Junction road in...
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Lion King

This was taken at dusk at a watering hole while on...
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Sunlit Polar Bear

The day we landed in Churchill we headed out to the...
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I was on a walk looking for chimpanzees in Uganda. We...
caribou, Rangifer Tarandus Reindeer, caribou photos, caribou pictures, caribou in Alaska, caribou in the US, Alaska wildlife, Alaska mammals, reindeer, reindeer photos, reindeer in alaska

Worked Last Night

Reindeer in Alaska takes a look at me as I photograph...
mountain gorilla, mountain gorilla photos, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park wildlife, gorillas in Uganda, Uganda wildlife

The Thinker

Taken on a trek in Uganda with Nat Hab. This is...
bighorn sheep, lambs, bighorn sheep photos, lamb photos, Mount Evans wildlife, Mount Evans wildlife photos, baby bighorn sheep, Colorado wildlife, Colorado wildlife photos

But Can You Do This

Young bighorn sheep seem to be showing off, as they jump...
ermine, ermine photos, stoat, stoat photos, weasel photos, short-tailed weasel photos, Alaska wildlife, Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve


This ermine was really curious about what I was doing. Taken...
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Leopard Stare

This female leopard was actively taking in the surroundings. We reckoned...
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