July 11, 2019

Loon Love

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July 11, 2019
Loon Love

Species: Common Loon | Location: Spectacle Pond in Enfield, NH, United States of America

This loon chick hatched just a few hours before this photo was taken. The nest was next to my house on Spectacle Pond in Enfield, NH. I heard a lot of vocalization from the loon very early in the morning and suspected the egg had hatched. When I investigated, I saw the loon off the nest, just floating nearby, occasionally calling for her mate. No chick in sight for a while until finally, it peeked out from under the parent's wing. It was delightful to watch them all morning as the chick climbed all around the parent, got into the water, swam circles around the parent, then climbed back on. After a few hours, the parent started diving for fish and came up with food for the chick. Eventually, the other parent showed up to help protect the chick. Such a gift from Nature to be able to witness this wonderful event!

About The Photographer

Cropped loon love

I'm an amateur photographer with a special love of wildlife and nature photography. I am fortunate to live on a beautiful pond in New Hampshire, so I often don't have to travel far to get some beautiful shots of a wide variety of wildlife. I have traveled with Natural Habitat in the past and got some great shots of harp seals and polar bears. An amazing experience!

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