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Peek-a-Boo Mom

An Alaskan brown bear cub playfully covers his mom's eyes. Visit Pattie's...
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Lunch Break

This picture was taken on a boat trip along the Kinabatangan...
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Wedge Tailed Green Pigeon

Nice acrobatics by a wedge tailed green pigeon enjoying a meal...
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Leopard Watch

This leopard was keeping his eye on a nearby impala. The...
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Walking in the Rain

This herd of elephants in Tanzania was moving away from a...
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Peregrine Food Transfer

An adult peregrine bringing in food for its fledglings. Visit Glenn's...
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Fun in the Rain

On a trip with Nat Hab, the group was visiting the...
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Coyote Stare

A coyote staring me down as it peeked over a log...
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Blowing In the Wind

A swallow tailed gull takes in the breeze on Genovese Island. This photo...
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Thinking Lioness

A close up of a beautiful lioness who was relaxing in...
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Landing Gear Down

Short eared owl coming in to land on a fence post....
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We are Having Fun...

This is an old photo and one of my all-time favorites. I...
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Free Flight

Summer brings the return of these flying jewels to our back...
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Don't Disturb

This is my land, I make the rules. You better follow...
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While on a trip to Alaska with Nat Hab, Melissa and...
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The Zebra and the Oxpecker

Driving by herds of zebras in Kenya, I noticed the oxpeckers...
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Red Fox

Red fox in Canada's winter snow....
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Muddy Elephants

This photo was taken in Namibia's Etosha National Park at Nebrownii water...
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OK... Now I Can See Way Over There

Mother marmot scanning the area in Grand Teton National Park, keeping...
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Little One

Found five of these little ones hiding and sometimes playing around these...
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