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Elephants, Elephant, Botswana, Africa, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos

To the Watering Hole

A matriarch and her family wander mile after mile to reach...
Bears, Polar Bear, Polar Bears, Churchill, Canada, Photos of Polar Bears, Polar Bear Images

On Alert!

This mom and two clubs picked up the scent of a male...
Squirrel, Squirrels, Florida, Images of Squirrels, Squirrel Photos

I see you!

One of the many squirrels that make our yard, trees and...
Polar Bears, Polar Bear, Churchill, Manitoba, Polar Bear Images, Photos of Polar Bears

Time Out Tuesday!

Searching for polar bears on the Arctic tundra in Churchill, Manitoba...
Birds, Birding, Israel


Evening at Rosh-Ha'ayin near the hills of the Shomron 20 km...
Foxes, Red Foxes, Red Fox, Great Britain, Images of Red Foxes, Re Fox Photos

The Fight

I was photographing foxes when these two started a playful fight....
Shorebirds, Shorebird, Florida, Images of Shorebirds, Shorebird Photos. Birding

Order of Business

Three shorebirds come together and line up on the shoreline of...
Elephant, Elephants, Botswana, South Africa, Images of Elephants, Elephant Photos

Fully Synchronized

While on a boat out of Botswana, cruising the Chobe River...
Birding, Storks, Yellow Billed Storks Spoonbills, African Spoonbills, Images of Storks, Spoonbill Photos

Flight Over The Zambezi

While on safari in Zambia, we spent time on the Zambezi...
Lynx, Canada, Lynx Images, Photos of Lynx

Lynx Stopped By

This Lynx appeared while I was out exploring the backcountry of...
Cape Buffalo, Buffalo, Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Images of Cape Buffalo, Cape Buffalo Photos

Head to Head

Less than ten minutes - wallowing in the mud with three...
Polar Bears, Polar Bear, Churchill, Manitoba, Polar Bear Family, Images of Polar Bears, Polar Bear Photos

Wait for Us Mom!

Early on the coastline of Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba a mom...
Pelicans, Pelican, White Pelicans White Pelican, Florida, Images of White pelicans, White Pelican Photos

White Pelican Eye

I love closer shots to wildlife allowing me to discover the...
Bison, Buffalo, American Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone, Montana, Images of Bison, Bison Photos

Winter in Yellowstone

Bison trudging through deep snow on a very wintry day in...
Bears, Brown Bears, Brown Bear, Bear, Alaska, Brooks Falls, Images of Bears, Brown Bear Photos

I've Got My Eye on You

This female brown bear came face to face with her "lunch"...
Ducks, Duck, Ruddy Duck, Ruddy Ducks, California, Ballona Wetlands, Images of Ruddy Ducks, Ruddy Duck Photos, Birding

Ruddy Duck Reflection

Ruddy Duck with clear image reflection on pond at Ballona Wetlands...
Deer, Swimming Deer, Canada, Deer Photos, Images of Deer

Night Swim

This poor guy was island hopping when we had to swerve...
Flamingo, Flamingos, Birding, Florida, Images of Flamingos, Flamingo Photos

Hiding In Plain Sight

The pink flamingo's contrast with the green tall grass is a...
Cheetah, Cheetahs, Botswana, Images of Cheetahs, Cheetah Photos

Chasing Cheetah

Two cheetahs enjoying some playful time in the sun. I loved...
Iguana, Iguanas, Costa Rica, Images of Iguanas, Iguana Photos

Iguana Appearing

We were floating down a river in Costa Rica on a...
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