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Woodpecker, Woodpeckers, Pennsylvania, Pileated Woodpecker, Images of Pileated Woodpeckers,

Pennsylvania Pileated Woodpecker

I found this guy in a group of three other woodpeckers....
Lions, Lion, Lion Cub, Tanzania, Photos of Lions, Lion Images

Cub with Mom

Observed cub playing while pride slept, woke mom and received a...
Elephant, Elephants, Buffalo, Buffalos, Uganda, Photos of Buffalos Elephant Images, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Elephant Chasing Buffalos

Elephant chasing off Buffalo's at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda....
Gelada, Geladas, Ethiopia, Simien Mountain National Park, Images of Geladas, Gelada Photos

King of the Hill

We were on our afternoon game drive in Simien Mountain Park...
Birding, Egret, Great Egret, Egrets, Great Egrets, Florida, Egret Photos, Great Egret Images


In among plant life along the shoreline of Lake Jessup located...
Spider,Spiders, India, Images of Spiders, Spider Photos

Sleepy Spidy

Spidy sleeping at night after a hectic day. Nature explains that for...
Double-toothed Barbet, Barbet, Birding,

Nice Teeth!

We had the afternoon off in Bahir Dar. I decided to...
Lion, Lions, Kenya, Lion Images, Photos of Lions, Masai Mara

Lion Couple Mating

Lions roaring at each other after mating....
Bald Eagle, Bald Eagles, Eagle, Eagles, Virginia, Birding, Images of Eagles, Bald Eagle Photos


Bald eagle determined and focused on catching breakfast! Check out Justin's...
Primates, Gorilla, Gorillas, Mountain Gorilla, Mountain Gorillas, Uganda. Impenetrable Forest, Photos of Gorillas, Gorilla Images


This gorilla image wast taken in Uganda on the Ultimate Gorilla...
Monkey, Howler Monkey, Howler Monkey, Images of Howler Monkeys, Howler Monkey Photos, India

Just Hanging Around

I was able to capture this busy howler monkey hanging out...
Spider, Spiders, India, Spider Photos, Images of Spiders

Cutie Spidey

When the rain has completed its job - I went looking...
Humpback, Humpback Whales, Whales, Whale, New Brunswick, Canada, Photos of Whales, Whale Images

Want a Hug?

On a nature cruise between Saint Andrews and Campobello Island in...
Puffin, Puffins, Fair Isla, Scotland, Images of Puffins, Puffin Photos

Rainy Day

It was a wet day on the cliffs of Fair Isle,...
Brown Bears, Bears, Brown Bear, Alaska, Images of Brown Bears, Brown Bear Photos

Brown Bear Cubs Playing

After nursing, these two brown bear cubs had the energy to burn....
Lion, Lions, Kenya, Maasai Mara, Images of Lions, Lion Photos

King of the Hill

In the early morning, we came across this gorgeous male lion...
Osprey, Ospreys, Birding, Florida, Seminole County, Images of Ospreys, Osprey Photos

Landing Imminent

An osprey is about to land in a cypress tree in...
Pronghorn, Pronghorns, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone, Images of Pronghorns, Pronghorn Photos,


Captured this pronghorn image entering the northern entrance to Yellowstone National park....
Wolf, Wolves, Yellowstone, Wyoming, Images of Wolves, Wolf Photos. Wild Wolves

Wolf in the Wild

A wild wolf of the Junction Butte pack in Yellowstone National...
Purple Sunbird, Sunbird, Sunbirds, India, Images of Sunbirds, Purple Sunbird Photos

The Beautiful Blue

This photo was taken in my residential complex on the outskirts...
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