Insects & Invertebrates

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Red-veined Darter

It is a widespread and common species found from the south...
Common Crow Butterfly, Common Crow Butterfly photos, India butterflies, butterflies in India, India wildlife

Common Crow Butterfly

The common crow tiger is in search of nectar....
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Jezebel Sucking Nectar

The jezebel butterfly is sucking nectar on a sunny morning....
monarch butterfly, monarch butterfly photos, US wildlife, monarchs in the US, Old Crow Wetlands, monarch migration

Golden Hour

This photo of a monarch butterfly on golden rod was taken...
Lygaeidae, Lygaeidae photos, Lygaeidae in Sri Lanka

Single Life

I took this photograph at my home garden. By using very...
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Common Mime Butterfly

The common mime butterfly is sucking nectar from flower....
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I'll Be a Beautiful Butterfly

In preparations for Hurricane Irma, I was pruning trees and found...
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Wildflower Pollination

This summer was bright yellow, purple, and green in the Grand...
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A Golden Touch

At Constitution Park in Deerfield Beach, Florida, I was focusing in...
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Plain Tiger Butterfly

It was early morning when I captured this astonishing plain tiger butterfly...
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Grapsus Grapsus

A crab rests on lava rock in the Galapagos Islands....
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Black Beauty

The butterfly has spread its wings to dry just after the rain....
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Slowly But Surely

This caterpillar caught my eye.  ...
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Nectar Hunter

The striped tiger butterfly is in resting mood....
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In My Garden

A bee visits a blossom....
Danaus Genutia, Danaus Genutia photos, common tiger butterfly, India wildlife, India butterflies, Hyderabad, Hyderabad wildlife

Danaus Genutia

Danaus genutia, the common tiger, is one of the common butterflies...
Euploea Core, Euploea Core photos, common crow butterfly, common indian crow, Australian crow, Eden Gardens, India wildlife

Euploea Core

The common crow is a common butterfly found in South Asia...
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Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterfly at Pismo Beach, California....
ladybug, ladybug photos, ladybug pictures, insects in California, Mare Island, California wildlife, Mare Island wildlife

Lady Bug on Wet Grass

A ladybug moves slowly across wet grass. I liked the contrast...
hover fly, hover fly photos, sunflower, sunflower photos, Virginia wildlife, Virginia insects, Virginia flowers

Hover Fly on Sunflower

This picture started as a shot of the first sunflower of...
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