Insects & Invertebrates

butterflies in Canada, butterfly photos, butterfly gardens

Sweet Butterfly

A beautiful butterfly rests on a leaf after feeding....
wasp, wasp photos, close up wasp photos, wasps in Florida, Winter Springs

Beneficial Help

Wasps help to control pest populations by protecting flower gardens. They...
butterfly, butterflies, pipevine swallowtail, swallowtail, texas, texas wildlife, butterflies in texas, blue butterflies

Pipevine Swallowtail

Beautiful spring day when all the swallowtails decided to come out...
Squid, Squids, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Images of Squid, Squid Photos

Glorious Squid

On a recent night-dive in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, I came across...
Butterfly, Butterflies, Vietnam, Images of Butterflies, Butterfly Photos


The birds were not cooperating, so I turned my attention to...
Chameleon, Chameleons, India, Photos of Chameleons, Chameleon Images


I captured this image on a night trail to find the...
Crab, Crabs, Sand Crab, Sand Crabs, Aruba, Daimari Beach, Images of Crabs Sand Crab Photos

Sand Crab at Daimari Beach

A single sand crab stands still amongst shards of sandy sea...
Bee, Bees, Bumblebee, Bumblebees, Alabama, Images of Bumblebees, Bumblebee Photos

Busy Bee

A bumblebee rests on a flower in Birmingham, Alabama....
Praying Mantis, Mantis, Images of Praying Mantis, Praying Mantis Photos, Los Angeles,


This little guy has been hanging out on my porch in...
Damsel Fly, Damsel Flies, Canada, Fly, Flies, Images of Damsel Flies, Damsel Fly Photos

Birth of a Damsel Fly

A newly hatched damsel fly taking a rest....
Spider,Spiders, India, Images of Spiders, Spider Photos

Sleepy Spidy

Spidy sleeping at night after a hectic day. Nature explains that for...
Spider, Spiders, India, Spider Photos, Images of Spiders

Cutie Spidey

When the rain has completed its job - I went looking...
Butterfly, Butterflies, Monarch Butterfly, Monarch Butterflies, New Jersey, Images of Monarch Butterflies, Monarch Butterfly Photos

Sunshine Butterfly

Monarch butterfly upon a sunflower....
Beetles, Beetle, Japanese Beetle, Japanese Beetles, Images of Beetles, Beetle Photos, Canada

Japanese Beetle

After an all-night downpour, there were many sleepy, cold insects waiting...
Dragonfly, Dragonflies, Colorado, Images of Dragonflies, Dragonfly Photos

Precious Dragonfly Face

We found this gorgeous dragonfly in our yard - wings soaked...
Jellyfish, Zooplankton, San Francisco, Images of Jellyfish, Jellyfish Photos

Sea Jelly

Jellyfish at Aquarium by the Bay in San Francisco....
Butterfly, Common Buckeye Butterfly, Buckeye Butterfly,

Yellow Tones

The common buckeye butterfly was fluttering amongst the wild yellow flowers....
Honey Bee, Bee, Bees, Ireland, Images of Honey Bees, Bee Photos

Honey Bee at Work

Honeybee at work in Ireland....
Monarchs, Monarch Butterflies, Canada, Images of Monarchs, Monarch Photos

Monarchs in Migration

Three monarchs in goldenrod during September 2019 migration....
Butterfly, Butterflies, Monarch Butterflies, Missouri, Photos of Monarch Butterflies, Butterfly Images

Migrating Monarchs

I came across this star-shaped cluster of Monarch butterflies in my tree...
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