Insects & Invertebrates

Glass Wing Butterfly, Butterflies, Belize, Photos of Glass Wing Butterflies, Butterfly Images, Belize Butterflies

Glass Wing Butterfly

Glass wing butterfly perched on a leaf....
Moths, Texas Moths, Images of Moths, Photos of Moths


I love seeing this as I walked outside. It is truly...
Florida Jellyfish, Man of War, Photos of Man of War, Man of War Images, Jellyfish, Jellyfish in Florida

Beached Man of War

A beached man of war of the beaches of Hutchinson Island....
Bee, Bees, Bee on a Flower, Bees in Florida, Bees sipping nectar, Bee on a dandelion

Sipping Nectar

Intent on obtaining as much nectar as possible from a wildflower,...
Lemon Pansy Butterfly, Lemon Pansy Butterfly photos, Lemon Pansy Butterfly in Sri Lanka, butterflies in Sri Lanka, butterflies in Asia

Wing Pattern

Wing pattern of the lemon pansy butterfly. Visit Damith's photography page...
plain tiger butterfly, plain tiger butterfly photos, India wildlife, India butterflies, butterflies in India, plain tiger butterflies in India, Singur

Plain Tiger

It was a very beautiful and sunny day when I clicked...
swallowtail butterfly, swallowtail butterfly photos, swallowtails, Deerfield Beach wildlife, butterflies in the US

Swallowtail in the Storm

A wild flower and a beautiful swallowtail butterfly working before the...
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly, Gulf Fritillary Butterfly photos, butterflies in Louisiana, butterflies in the US, Cypress Bend Park


This gulf fritillary butterfly was busy eating with many others at...
jewel bug, jewel bug photos, jewel bugs in Inida, Singur, India insects

Jewel of Nature

"Jewel Bug" is the most suitable name for it. It really seems...
monarch butterfly, monarch butterfly photos, US wildlife, monarchs in the US, New Jersey, monarch migration

Perched Monarch

Monarch butterfly perched on a butterfly bush....
sally lightfoot crab, photos of sally lightfoot crab, sally lightfoot crabs, Galapagos crabs, sally lightfoot crabs in the galapagos, Galapagos Islands wildlife, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Cruz Island wildlife

Sally Lightfoot Crab Eats a Snack

The Sally Lightfoot crab, having reached full adulthood, is an extremely...
bee, bees photos, bees, bee photos, bees in the US, bees in Florida, Florida wildlife, Florida insects

Pollen Basket

The orange sac on the leg of this bee is a...
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly, Gulf Fritillary Butterfly photos, butterflies in Texas, butterflies in the US, Bob Jones Nature Center


This photograph was taken at Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake,...
monarch butterfly, monarch butterfly photos, US wildlife, monarchs in the US, monarch migration, Monarchs in Florida

King of Butterflies

A monarch butterfly feeds on a milkweed plant. It is considered...
butterfly, butterfly photos, butterflies in the US, insects in the US, pearl crescent butterfly, pearl crescent butterfly photos, Texas butterflies, butterflies in Texas, Colleyville Nature Center

Pearl Crescent

This fresh pearl crescent was resting in the woods on a...
bumble bee, bumble bee photos, bees, bee photos, bees in Pennsylvania, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, Kleinfeltersville

Bumble Bee in Flight

A bumble bee in flight at some beautiful flowers. Visit William's...
butterfly, butterfly photos, Florida insects, Florida butterflies, Seminole County wildlife, Seminole County butterflies

Enchanted Beauty

Making the world a prettier place, a butterfly pollinates the plant...
Grey Pansy Butterfly, Grey Pansy Butterfly photos, Nepal wildlife, butterflies in Nepal

Grey Pansy Butterfly

Follow tricky stabilization when life puts ups and downs in front...
blue morpho butterfly, blue morpho butterfly photos, San Diego wildlife, San Diego butterflies, butterflies in the US


A close-up of a blue morpho butterfly....
glass butterfly, glass butterfly photos, glass butterflies, photos of glass butterflies, Costa Rica wildlife, butterflies in Costa Rica, Costa Rican butterflies, Monteverde, Monteverde wildlife, Monteverde photos

Glass Butterflies

A group of small glass butterflies gather around a piece of...
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