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Grey-Crowned Cranes in Unison

I took a number of photos of grey-crowned cranes before sighting...
crested tern, crested tern photos, crested terns in Australia, Australia wildlife, Australia wildlife photos, Australia birds, Heron Island, Heron Island wildlife, Heron Island birds

Rejoice For Life is Worth Living

This beautiful, showy crested tern was photographed on the shoreline of Heron...
snowy owl, snowy owl photos, owl, owl photos, birds in the US, owls in the US, snowy owls in the US, Rhode Island wildlife, Rhode Island birds, Charleston Breachway

Snowy on the Rocks

Starting out my morning in Charlestown, Rhode Island at the crack...
raven, raven photos, ravens in the US, Canyonlands National Park, Canyonlands National Park photos, Canyonlands National Park wildlife, birds in the US, ravens in the US


I was having lunch in Canyonlands National Park when a raven...
green heron, green heron photos, Lake Zorinsky photos, Lake Zorinsky birds, Nebraska wildlife, Nebraska birds, Nebraska herons

Green Heron

I spotted this green heron while out kayaking in Lake Zorinsky...
pelican, pelican photos, pelican eating a fish, pelican fishing, pelican eating, Florida birds, Florida wildlife, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Pelican Meal

I saw this pelican swimming around in a marina. He was...
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Hummingbird Sits

A hummingbird resting among some flowers....
ostrich, ostrich photos, ostriches in Kenya, Africa wildlife, Kenya wildlife, Amboseli National Park, Amboseli National Park wildlife

Did You See That?

This beautiful flock of ostriches were photographed whilst visiting Amboseli National...
chinstrap penguin, chinstrap penguin photos, Antarctica, Antarctica wildlife, Antarctica penguins, Half Moon Island, Half Moon Island photos

Drying Off

We landed on Half Moon Island in Antarctica about 4 pm....
burrowing owl, burrowing owl photos, owl photos, Florida birds, Florida wildlife, birds in the US, wildlife in the US

Who Me?

For its habitat, the burrowing owl often uses holes that have...
great blue heron, great blue heron photos, great blue heron nesting, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Great Blue Heron Mates

Great blue heron mates stand together in their recently-built nest....
long-billed curlew, long-billed curlew photos, long billed curlew, nebraska birds, nebraska wildlife, birds in the US, wildlife in the US

Ahead of the Curve

A mother long-billed curlew distracts the predator—in this case a wandering...
kea, kea photos, new zealand photos, new zealand birds, Lake Moeraki, Lake Moeraki photos, Lake Moeraki wildlife

Kea on a Rock

This magnificent kea was hanging out in a parking lot. Evidently...
grizzly bear, brown bear, grizzly photos, brown bear photos, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone wildlife, Yellowstone bears, raven, crow


During a wonderful trip to Yellowstone, we stopped at West Yellowstone...
owl, owl photos, barred owl, barred owl photos, united states wildlife, united states wildlife photos, birds in maryland, owls in maryland, owls in dorchester county

Barred Owl on Stump

I took this photo of a barred owl in Dorchester County,...
american kestrel, american kestrel photos, colorado wildlife, colorado birds, birds in the US, photos of birds, american birds

Portrait of an American Kestrel

This photo was taken on a day hike. I came up...
blue footed boobie, blue footed boobie photos, Mexico wildlife, Mexico birds, Loreto Bay National Park

Line Up!

During a trip to Loreto, Mexico for blue whale watching, we...
ostrich, ostrich photos, Kenya wildlife, Kenya wildlife photos, Africa safari, Africa safari photos, Nairobi wildlife, Nairobi wildlife photos

Bad Hair Day

Mrs. Ostrich having a bad hair day at the Nairobi National Park....
white ibis, white ibis photos, ibis, ibis photos, Costa Rica wildlife, Costa Rica birds, Manuel Antonio Park, Manuel Antonio wildlife photos

Out for a Walk

We were in Manuel Antonio park and were heading back to...
eastern screech owl, eastern screech owl photos, owl photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, owls in the united states, Nebraska wildlife, Nebraska birds


Described by some Native American cultures as leading spirits to the...
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