duck, wood duck, duck photos, wood duck photos, colorado wildlife, colorado birds, Littleton, Sterne Pond

Wood Duck Parfait

Sterne Pond is always a very popular place to be in...
meadowlark, meadowlark photos, Nebraska birds, birding in Nebraska, birding in the US, birds in the US, american birds


I like to go out to central Nebraska to watch the...
northern flicker, northern flicker photos, cuba, cuba photos, cuba wildlife, cuba birds, Cayo Coco Island, woodpecker photos, woodpecker

Northern Flicker

This picture was taken in Cayo Coco, Cuba at sunset when...
puffin, puffin photos, Canada wildlife, Canada wildlife photos, puffins in Canada, Newfoundland wildlife, Bon Vista wildlife, Atlantic puffin, atlantic puffin photos, spillar's cove

Ready for Takeoff

Taken on the rocks above Spillar's Cove near Bona Vista, Newfoundland,...
canada goose, canada gosling, canadian goose, canadian geese, canada goose photos, baby geese, canadian goose photos, calgary wildlife, calgary birds, canada wildlife

First Spring Gosling

Today was a beautiful day to enjoy Carburn Park in Calgary,...
mountain bluebird, mountain bluebird photos, bluebirds, blue birds, rocky mountain national park, rocky mountain photos, rocky mountain np wildlife

Blue on a Perch

Mountain bluebirds are one of the first birds to return to...
albatross, northern royal albatross, albatross photos, northern royal albatross photos, new zealand wildlife, new zealand photos, new zealand birds

His Northern Royal Albatross

In Kaikoura, New Zealand I enjoyed the close encounters with the...
sand hill crane, sand hill crane photos, cranes, crane photos, cranes in the united states, united states wildlife, united states birds, wildlife in america, birds in america, Bosque del Apache

Talk or Fly

These two sand hill cranes are typical of the thousands that...
White-collared Yuhinia, White-collared Yuhinia photos, Tanjiahe Park, Tanjiahe Park wildlife, Tanjiahe Park birds, China wildlife, China photos, China wildlife photos, birding in China

Stopping By

The group had traveled to Tanjiahe Wild Panda Nature Reserve. We...
brown pelican, brown pelican photos, pelican photos, Louisiana wildlife, Louisiana birds, Louisiana pelicans, Metaire, Bonnabel Boat Launch

Brown Pelican Portrait

A brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) sits perched upright against a clear...
Comb-crested Jacana, Comb-crested Jacana photos, Australia photos, Australia wildlife, Australia birds, ord river, ord river photos

Protect That Egg

We were exploring the Ord River in Australia by speedboat. The...
king penguin, king penguin photos, penguin, penguin photos, Antarctica wildlife, penguins in Antarctica, South Georgia Island, South Georgia Island wildlife, South Georgia Island penguins, st andrews bay, st. andrew's bay wildlife, penguins in st. andrew

Three's a Crowd

This photo was taken during our second attempt to land at...
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Short-eared Owl

Short-eared owl on Genovesa Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. An extremely lucky shot....
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Lilac Breasted Roller

The lilac breasted roller is one of the most beautiful birds...
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Le Quatuor des Manchots Royaux

Sur une colline de Géorgie du sud,tôt le matin,je suis en...
red egret, reg egret photos, Florida birds, Florida bird photos, egrets in Florida, birds in the US

Admiring Himself

Noticed this red egret walking around at low tide near the...
hornbill, hornbill photos, hornbills in Africa, hornbills in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe birds, Zimbabwe wildlife, Zimbabwe safari, Hwange National Park, Hwange National Park wildlife, Africa safaris, Africa wildlife, birds in Africa


I had the chance to see dozens of hornbills on my...
osprey, osprey photos, birds in Florida, birds in the US, St. Marks

Catch Of the Day

Just after diving into the water the osprey flew over carrying...
white crowned sparrow, white crowned sparrow photos, sparrows, birds in the US, birds in Nebraska

King of the Bush

The white crowned sparrow is king of the bush....
guineafowl, guineafowl photos, helmeted guineafowl, Etosha National Park, Etosha photos, Etosha wildlife, Namibia photos, Namibia wildlife

Line Dance

I was in Namibia and hanging out in my cabin during...
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