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Crowned Crane Couple

We'd gone out for an evening drive on the Serengeti in...
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There's Something about Redheads!

This was a very cooperative redhead that I managed to capture...
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After a ride on the Zodiac onto shore, we were able...
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Pied Kingfisher

Being in a small boat on the water allowed me to...
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Towards the middle of our trip to the Galapagos Islands with...
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Look at My Beautiful Tail

We were on our way to our lodge for the night....
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Curious Penguin

There were only four of us that decided to hike to...
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Nuts for Almonds

The guide and I went on a walk specifically looking for scarlet...
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Short Eared Owl on Snow Post

A short eared owl perched on a snow fence post. View Larry's...
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Bird of Many Colors

This beautiful bird is a lilac-breasted roller. The species is widely distributed...
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Ruby Jewel of the Serengeti

This image is of a scarlet-chested sunbird taken at the Ndutu...
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We had just arrived at Hacienda Solimar in Costa Rica. The...
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Running on Water

This is about the reflection in the water. I loved the...
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Marching in Dew

After watching greater prairie chickens do their spring mating dance on...
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Great Gray Owl in Flight

This owl had spent the last few days hunting the wet...
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Testing the Water...

I was shooting birds in early light at the Everglades National...
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Waved Albatross on the Lamb...

We were on Espanola in the Galapagos, and this waved albatross...
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Our guide for the Kodiak to Katmai trip with Nat Hab...
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Dawn's Early Light

An American bald eagle staring off into the light of a...
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We Three Kings

This was our first landing in South Georgia at Fortuna Bay....
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