red egret, reg egret photos, Florida birds, Florida bird photos, egrets in Florida, birds in the US

Admiring Himself

Noticed this red egret walking around at low tide near the...
hornbill, hornbill photos, hornbills in Africa, hornbills in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe birds, Zimbabwe wildlife, Zimbabwe safari, Hwange National Park, Hwange National Park wildlife, Africa safaris, Africa wildlife, birds in Africa


I had the chance to see dozens of hornbills on my...
osprey, osprey photos, birds in Florida, birds in the US, St. Marks

Catch Of the Day

Just after diving into the water the osprey flew over carrying...
white crowned sparrow, white crowned sparrow photos, sparrows, birds in the US, birds in Nebraska

King of the Bush

The white crowned sparrow is king of the bush....
guineafowl, guineafowl photos, helmeted guineafowl, Etosha National Park, Etosha photos, Etosha wildlife, Namibia photos, Namibia wildlife

Line Dance

I was in Namibia and hanging out in my cabin during...
egret, egret photos, Great Egret, Gret Egret photos, florida birds, florida wildlife, united states wildlife, united states birding

Aren't I Gorgeous?

I came upon this great egret in wispy nuptial plumage. Since...
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I Am So Beautiful

This photo of a lilac-breasted roller was taken in Tanzania. Lilac-breasted...
fischer's lovebird, fischer's lovebird photos, fischer's lovebird pictures, birds in Tanzania, lovebirds, African birds, Tanzania wildlife, Africa wildlife, Tanzania safari, serengeti, serengeti wildlife

A Couple?

Fischer's lovebirds were discovered in the 19th century and became so...
Sandhill Crane, Sandhill Crane photos, sunset, sunset photos, Sandhill Crane photos at sunset, Sandhill Crane, Sandhill Cranes in New Mexico, Sandhill Cranes in United States

Sunset Flyer

Sandhill crane at sunset on his way to roost in a...
roadrunner, roadrunner photos, roadrunner pictures, Las Cruces, birds in New Mexico, birds in the US, roadrunners in the US, roadrunners in New Mexico


I bet I can outrun you!...
king penguin, king penguin photos, penguin, penguin photos, Antarctica wildlife, penguins in Antarctica, South Georgia Island, South Georgia Island wildlife, South Georgia Island penguins, Fortuna Bay, Fortuna Bay wildlife, Fortuna Bay penguins


The day was cold, windy and snowy in South Georgia. We...
Anhinga, Anhinga photos, Anhinga in Florida, Anhinga chicks, birds in Florida, birds in the US

Waiting for Lunch

These two baby anhinga chicks eagerly await their next meal, which...
bee eater, bee eater photos, bee eaters in Africa, Africa safari, African wildlife, African birds, Zimbabwe birds, Zimbabwe widlife

Beautiful Bee Eater

I think we finally concluded this was a swallow tailed bee...
snow goose, snow geese, snow goose photos, snow geese in the US, geese in the US, geese in New Mexico

Wheels Down

Snow goose landing in a field of corn in Bosque Del...
hummingbird, hummingbird photos, birds in Maine, hummingbird in Maine, birds in the US, birds in America

Taking a Rest

I found this beautiful female ruby-throated hummingbird taking a rest on...
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Beautiful Bird

This picture was taken on safari with Nat Hab in Tanzania....
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Sandhill Crane at Sunset

Taken at sunset, a sandhill crane stands in the last pool...
blue grey tanager, blue grey tanager photos, costa rica wildlife, costa rica birds, Danaus Nature Center, Danaus Nature Center photos, Danaus Nature Center birds

The Blue and the Grey

We stopped at Danaus Nature Center. While the guide was paying...
red winged blackbird, red winged blackbird photos, Nebraska wildlife, Nebraska birds, United States birds, Platte River, Platte River wildlife, Platte River birds


A redwinged blackbird looks toward the sun as if it was...
turkey, turkey photos, wild turkey, wild turkey photos, San Francisco animals, United States Wildlife

Turkey Trot

From the scenic background and the sandy soil he's standing on,...
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