heron, heron photos, tricolored heron, tricolored heron photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birding, birding in the US, Seminole county wildlife

Fisherman's Delight

Tricolored heron was found standing still and waiting patiently for fish...
puffin, puffin photos, puffins in Alaska, puffins in the US, Lake Clark, Lake Clark photos, Lake Clark wildlife, Alaska wildlife, Alaska birds, Alaska puffins, kissing puffins

Puffin Peck

Horned puffins give each other a peck near Lake Clark, Alaska....
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Posing Near Sunset

This little bee-eater posed nicely in the evening light, adding a...
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Yellow-billed Cuckoo photos, cuckoo, birds in Florida, Bald Point State Park, photos of birds eating

Good Catch

Yellow-billed cuckoo taken at Bald Point State Park in Florida....
owl, owl photos, great grey owl, great grey owl photos, California wildlife, California wildlife photos, birds in California, birds in the US, owls in the US, owls in California

Great Gray Owl

A great gray owl taken in the early afternoon near Yellowstone...
plain prinia, plain prinia photos, birds in India, birding in India, Hyderabad, India wildlife, India wildlife photo, India birds, India bird photos

Holding Firm

The start of winter brings with it the joy of observing...
brown pelican, brown pelican photos, pelican photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birds, Florida pelicans


Just relaxing on a sunny day....
duck, duck photos, indian duck, Guwahati, India wildlife, India birding

Shake It Off

I was passing by a pond when I saw some domestic...
pardalote, pardalote photos, spotted pardalote, spotted pardalote photos, Australia wildlife, Australia birds, Victoria wildlife


This tiny little fellow was photographed amongst the eucalypt forest. This...
egret, egret photos, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Pontchartrain wildlife, Louisiana wildlife, Louisiana birds, united states wildlife, united states birding

The Eyes Have It

On the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Metairie, Louisiana, a...
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A lilac breasted roller, patiently waiting for lunch to fly by,...
limpkin, limpkin photos, Florida birds, Florida wildlife, birding in Florida, Birding in the US, Seminole County wildlife

Shell Collectors

Feeding mainly on freshwater apple snails, limpkins forage along a lake...
great tit, great tit photos, India wildlife, India birds, birding in India, great tit in India, Tirumala Hills

Great Tit

This photo was taken in the dense forest of Tirumala Hills,...
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Pelican in Flight

Photo of a pelican in flight taken during a trip to...
egret, egret photos, snowy egret, snowy egret photos, st. marks national wildlife refuge, florida birds, florida wildlife, united states wildlife, united states birding

Snowy Egret Flying

A snowy egret flies around the lighthouse pond at St. Marks NWR...
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Hermit Thrush with Red Berries

Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada is a terrific place to...
pelican, pelican photos, Wyoming birds, Wyoming wildlife, birds in Wyoming, birds in the US, white pelicans, flying in formation

Pelican Trifecta

Three American white pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) in flight near Laramie, Wyoming....
roseate spoonbill, roseate spoonbill photos, spoonbill, spoonbill photos, birds of the everglades, everglades national park, everglades national park wildlife, everglades wildlife photos, united states wildlife, american wildlife

Spoonbill's Catch

Roseate spoonbill, Platalea ajaja, feeding at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge....
great gray owl, great gray owl photos, Canada wildlife, Canada birds, Canada owls, Whitby

Great Gray Owl

A great gray owl is perched on a bush in snowy...
roadrunner, roadrunner photos, roadrunner pictures, sabino canyon, birds in Arizona, birds in the US, roadrunners in the US, roadrunners in Arizona


Greater roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) displaying atop a ridge in Sabino Canyon...
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