Tri-colored Heron, Tri-colored Heron photos, heron photos, Florida birds, birding in Florida, herons in Florida

Built-in Sun Shade

A tri-colored heron has a built in sun shade cover made...
mountain bluebird, mountain bluebird photos, Washington wildlife, Washington birds, birding in Washington

Morning Glory

A portrait of a mountain bluebird taken in the early morning....
owl, owl photos, eastern-screech owl, eastern-screech owl photos, birds in the US, birds in Illinois, owls in Illinois, birding in the US

Eye Contact

Owl looking for a portrait to be taken....
long-tailed tit, long-tailed tit photos, Cairngorms National Park, Cairngorms National Park wildlife, Cairngorms birding, Scotland wildlife, Scotland birding, birding in Scotland, long-tailed tits in Scotland

Long-tailed Tit

My wife and I visited the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland and...
hummingbird, hummingbird photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, american hummingbirds, California birds, California wildlife, Anna's hummingbird, Anna's hummingbird photos

Hummingbird Enjoying the Rain

Hummingbird enjoying the rain in Atascadero, California after a recent rain...
snow geese, snow goose, snow geese photos, snow goose photos, birding in the US, Pennsylvania wildlife, Pennsylvania birding

A Screen Full of Snow Geese

In February at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area snow geese invade...
mountain bluebird, mountain bluebird photos, Montana wildlife, Montana birds, birding in Montana

Mountain Bluebird

A male mountain bluebird waiting out the storm. They were feeding...
vulture, vulture photos, cape vulture, cape vulture photos, South Africa, South Africa wildlife, birding in South Africa, South Africa birding, Kwazulu Natal, Giants Castle

Coming in Hot

The Cape vulture is an aggressive scavenger at carcasses and listed...
puffin, puffin photos, Atlantic puffin, Atlantic puffin photos, Canada wildlife, Canada wildlife photos, puffins in Canada, Quebec wildlife, Ile de Mignants wildlife

3-Way Kiss

Sometimes nature photography is not about chasing your subject but watching...
redpoll, redpoll photos, birding in Canada


This little redpoll came just after a blizzard. He was hungry...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in Alaska, America's national bird, birding in Alaska, Kachemak Bay

Knocking Heads

Two bald eagles butting heads. The head of the eagle on the...
snowy owl, snowy owl photos, owl, owl photos, birds in Canada, owls in Canada, snowy owls in Canada, Canada wildlife, Ontario birds, Ontario

Snowy Owl Seeking Prey

This snowy has spotted some prey and is flying in, talons...
quetzal, quetzal photos, Costa Rica wildlife, birding in Costa Rica, quetzals in Costa Rica, Cerro de la Muerte


I saw this most beautiful bird in the rain in the...
white ibis, white ibis photos, ibis, ibis photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birds, Seminole County, Seminole County wildlife photos, Florida birding

Encased in Symmetry

While engaged in after-bath activity, two white ibis form an encased...
hummingbird, hummingbird images, hummingbird photos, united states wildlife, united states birds, american hummingbirds, Pennsylvania birds, Pennsylvania wildlife, ruby throated hummingbird, ruby throated hummingbird photos, birding in Pennsylvania

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Ruby throated hummingbird hovering at a Mexican sunflower. Visit William's photography...
Summer Tanager, Summer Tanager photos, Summer Tanager in Costa Rica, birding in Costa Rica, Costa Rica birds, Savegre, Savegre birding, wildlife in Savegre

Get Away From Here

Pecking order... Visit Ling's photography website to see more wildlife photos!...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, bald eagles in america, California wildlife, California birding, Lower Klamath Fall Refuge

Bald Eagle

Bald eagle taking off from frozen water....
ring neck duck, ring neck duck photos, pennsylvania wildlife, pennsylvania birding, pennsylvania ducks, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Ring Neck Duck

A ring neck duck taking a brief break from diving for...
egret, egret photos, Sri Lanka wildlife, Wilpattu wildlife, Sri Lanka birds, Sri Lanka birding, intermediate egret, intermediate egret photos

Aerial Battle

It was a rainy day in Wilpattu Park. We had stopped...
white pelican, white pelican photos, american white pelicans, american white pelican photos, photos of pelicans, Tennessee wildlife, birding in Tennessee, Hiwassee River

Once in a Lifetime

This photo was taken after a very large group of American...
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