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Horned Puffin Flying

Horned puffin flying in Cook Inlet near Duck Rock, Alaska. Check...
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What Are You Looking At?

A great horned owl mother and her young owlets in the...
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The Catch

As the sun was setting on Horseshoe Lake in Illinois near...
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Beauty is Me

A female olive-backed sunbird perching on a banana flower. The pedal...
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Knock Knock!

A shot in my backyard....
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Lift Off

Allen's hummingbird taking off after resting on a tree limb....
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Early Morning Stretch

I headed west from Ontario to photograph the birds in this area...
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Great Grey Owl and Thistles

Great grey owl perched on a fence post amongst some pink...
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Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac breasted roller coming in for a landing....
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Family Affair

A family of burrowing owls playing....
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March of the Cranes

Sandhill cranes march across a field in rural Alberta as part...
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Catching its Best Side

Male wood duck at Kings Pond, Saanich, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada....
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Sandhill crane with her colts. Saw them and quickly went home...
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Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hovering

I spent the late afternoon and evening with my neighbor in...
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Eye to Eye

Pied kingfisher with Catch of the Day....
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Desert Raven

A curious raven who landed next to my husband while taking...
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Taking a Look Back

While on safari in Kruger National Park, we spotted this leopard taking...
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Reed Cormorant

A reed cormorant poses in South Africa. Visit Bob's photography website...
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Tree Stump Treasures

Dining mainly on insects and its larvae, a red-bellied woodpecker finds...
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Bald Eagle Beauty

This bald eagle nest is in Kitchener, ON, and this couple...
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