common loon, common loon photos, ducks, duck photos, baby ducks, common loon baby, common loon chick, Washington wildlife, Washington birds, birding in Washington, Colville National Forest

I Believe I Can Fly

A common loon and chick in the Colville National Forest in...
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Bald Eagle in Oklahoma

Bald eagle next to an Oklahoma road....
cardinal, cardinal photos, male cardinal, male cardinal photos, New Hampshire wildlife, New Hampshire birds, birding in the US, birding in New Hampshire

A Pop of Color in a Winter Wonderland

We are fortunate enough to live in an area where a...
Hooded Merganser, Hooded Merganser photos, Hooded Merganser duck, birding in North Carolina, North Carolina wildlife, North Carolina birding

Duck Reflections

The hooded merganser is a winter visitor to the Carolinas. It...
Great green macaw, Hybrid Macaw, Great green macaw photos,  Hybrid Macaw photos, macaws in Costa Rica, birds in Costa Rica, Costa Rica birding


A lucky shot! Macaws in flight during Nat Hab's Photographing Wild Costa...
serpent eagle, serpent eagle photos, eagle prey, India wildlife, India birds, India birding, Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

In The End... That Final Look

This juvenile serpent eagle tucks into its live supper even as...
tufted titmouse, tufted titmouse photos, birding in the US, Kentucky birds, birding in Kentucky


A tufted titmouse perches on a tree branch. Check out Adam's...
kingfisher, kingfisher photos, common kingfisher, common kingfisher photos, India birds, India wildlife, Pondicherry

Common Kingfisher

On a pilgrimage visit to my native home, I took time...
Pine Warbler, Pine Warbler photos, birding in North Carolina, North Carolina birds

The Yellow in the Vast Blue

The male pine warbler has a brilliant yellow plumage. When the...
bee eater, bee eater photos, South Africa birds, South Africa wildlife, South Africa bee eater, africa birds, africa bee eater, africa wildlife, South Luangwa River, South Luangwa River wildlife, South Luangwa River birds

It's All About Love!

A par of bee eaters, so much in love. There is...
white ibis, white ibis photos, ibis, ibis photos, Florida wildlife, Florida birds, Seminole County, Seminole County wildlife photos, Florida birding

Contour Exposed

Against the backdrop of the setting sun, the contour of a...
bald eagle, bald eagle photos, bald eagle images, united states wildlife, american wildlife photos, american birds, birds in the united states, national bird of united states, Alaska wildlife, birding in Alaska, Katmai, Katmai wildlife, birds in Katmai

Who Are You Looking At?

This bald eagle in Alaska seems to be saying, "Who are...
Rufous Hummingbird, Rufous Hummingbird photos, hummingbirds in Washington, Washington birding, US birding, birding in the US, hummingbirds in the US

Male Rufous Hummingbird

A male rufous hummingbird perched on a wisteria vine in Republic,...
snowy egret, snowy egret photos, snowy egrets in Florida, Florida birds, birding in Florida, white birds in Florida, Florida birding, Lake Jessup, Florida wildlife

Royal Ball Finery

Snowy egrets are medium-sized with a delicate build and perfectly white...
house finch, house finch photos, finch, finch photos, finches, US birding, north carolina birding, birds in north carolina

Tones of Red

During the short-lived fall here in the Carolinas, I wanted to...
Egyptian vulture, Egyptian vulture photos, birding in India, Egyptian vulture in India, Jorbeed wildlife, Rajasthan wildlife, India birds

An Egyptian Ruler

A pretty colorful image of the migratory immature Egyptian vulture whose...
snowy owl, snowy owl photos, owl, owl photos, birds in Canada, owls in Canada, snowy owls in Canada, Canada wildlife, Ontario birds, Ontario

Snowy Owl in Flight

Snowy owl in flight. Visit Michael's photography page for more wildlife...
Black-Capped Chickadee, Black-Capped Chickadee photos, Washington birds, birding in Washington, birding in the US, US birds, US birding

Black Capped Chickadee in the Snow

A black-capped chickadee perched on a tree on a snowy day....
yellow-footed green pigeon, yellow-footed green pigeon photos, yellow-footed green pigeon in India, India wildlife, India birding, birds in India, birding in India, Rajasthan, Rajasthan wildlife

A Fig-Eating Pigeon

An early morning visit to Gopalpura village near Tal Chhapar yielded...
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Bald Glare

A bald eagle menacingly stares down, waiting for a meal, as...
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