January 4, 2016

A Couple?

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January 4, 2016
A Couple?

Species: Fischer's Lovebird | Location: Serengeti, Tanzania

Fischer's lovebirds were discovered in the 19th century and became so popular as pets that in 1987, they were the most commonly traded bird in the world according to the African Wildlife Foundation. Today, their conservation status is "Near Threatened." Native to Tanzania, they exhibit no sexual dimorphism so the only way to tell the sexes apart with any certainty is through DNA testing.

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About The Photographer

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Karin Leperi, an award-winning travel writer and photographer, feels most at home when immersed in the spirit of nature. Whether desert, plain, mountain or marsh, she ferrets out the best of the natural experience and conveys that to her readers through poetic words and visual imagery.

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