November 26, 2015

Turkey Trot

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November 26, 2015
Turkey Trot

Species: Wild Turkey | Location: San Francisco Bay Area, United States

From the scenic background and the sandy soil he's standing on, it would be easy to convince viewers that I captured this image in the wild. In actuality, if you could see just five more feet in the foreground of this image, you'd spot a curb at the end of a cul-de-sac. On an overcast autumn day, I spotted two wild turkeys less than 200 feet from the front door of our townhome in Hercules, CA. Grabbing my camera, I sped outside and, using my zoom lens, began capturing one image after another. My wife and I both agree that this was the best of the bunch and it was helped immensely by the background; a grove of eucalyptus trees and other shrubbery in a ravine between units of our development.

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About The Photographer

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You're creative; we all are. You may not be an 'artist,' whatever that means, but you have an artistic streak that runs through your soul. So do I. Like an underground stream looking to escape, my artistic creativity has bubbled to the surface through photography. For me, capturing the image is the most enjoyable part of this artistic activity and I've been engaged in the practice for more than 20 years.

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