June 17, 2015

In the Berry Patch

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June 17, 2015
In the Berry Patch

Species: Black Bear | Location: Prince George region in BC, Canada

Black bear sow with two of her cubs in a berry patch near Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

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About The Photographer

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Born and raised in Switzerland, at the age of 22 Joe immigrated to Canada in 1979 and has resided in Calgary, Alberta ever since.

Joe got started in photography at the tender age of 7 years old when he was given a new Kodak Instamatic camera for Christmas. Photography was first a hobby over several decades, it eventually became a secondary profession.

Joe travels extensively, always with camera gear close by to convert visual opportunities into long lasting memories through photography.

Joe’s main focus is to capture beauty and excitement through photography. Beauty is found all around us in nature, in human built structures and devices as well as in human life and behavior.

Strolling through the many galleries at www.hotshotsphoto.biz website, you will discover that Joe covers a wide spectrum in his portfolio. It includes spectacular scenes from around the world, gorgeous nature shots, an extensive flower collection, wildlife moments and man made beauty in the form of cars, customized bikes, airplanes and other transportation devices. One gallery is dedicated to the exciting world of sports and human life in general.

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