March 25, 2015


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March 25, 2015

Species: Hoverfly | Location: Strängnäs, Sweden

Macro photography is one of my favourite kinds of photography. I was very pleased to get the photo of this hoverfly when it landed on a flower as they so rarely land for more than a second.

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About The Photographer

I have always loved nature but my passion for photography developed much more recently. I was born in the UK and moved to Sweden in 2010. Inspired by the beauty of this country and its nature I began my journey to become a nature photographer. My most memorable experience was a close encounter with a Great Grey Owl. Being just a few metres away from this beautiful bird that I had always dreamt of seeing in the wild was phenomenal and moved me to tears. I had one of the images that I took of a Great Grey Owl published in the BBC Wildlife Magazine. While in Sweden I completed a Diploma in Photography. In 2012 I moved to North America and while I was sad to leave Sweden I was excited to explore a different country and its nature. I am an avid birdwatcher and the prospect of being able to photograph so many new species of birds was very exciting to me. I am a member of the North Shore Camera Club in Illinois where I regularly compete and have won several awards. I exhibit my photographs locally and have just set up Emma England Nature Photography as a business. I would like my images to convey my passion for nature and hope that they inspire people to appreciate the beauty of the planet on which we live.

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